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MY 8 MUST READ WORKOUT TIPS for weight training


As a PRO athlete and coach these are my tips to ensure results

I’ve trained with weights my entire life and even to this day I’m still learning and sports science is still changing.   I often get asked my best tips.  I don’t think it needs to be complicated and I do believe resistance training can be beneficial to everyone. 

To create a lean, athletic, chiselled physique I rely on Pro-Metabolic nutrition to get lean and drop body fat, and use weight training to chisel and add shape where I need it.   This is the same formula I use with my one on one nutrition clients and PRO athletes.

It really is a never ending process of constant improvement.  Anyone can achieve a toned, tight, great shape but it does take consistent commitment, week after week, month after month, year after year.  

It isn’t rocket science, and to be honest the more one sticks to the fundamentals the better the results.   I see too many trying to complicate what is really quite simply, the right nutrition, lifting heavy, recovery and keeping a positive mindset.

I rely totally on the ProComp Pro-Metabolic meal plans to drop body fat.   By increasing metabolic rate and thyroid hormone functioning fat loss is able to become a natural, effortless process.  

Then add the right training program to create the shape and a great looking body.  I generally do not recommend cardio as that works against creating a great looking, healthy, balanced body with a fast metabolism.   



We have 24 downloadable weight training programs online.   Beginner to advance.   3 days to 5 day programs (see below for details of my favouraite programs.

So…I’ve been an international PRO figure athlete for many years and I’ve been coaching athletes and those who want to look like an athlete for nearly 20 years.  Yes Experience can be a great teacher.    Here I share my ever evolving wisdom and my 8 best training tips.




  • MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION: BE totally present and aware of every rep, every set and properly activate and contract the desired working muscle.  I now focus my mind and even visualise the muscle being used.   Get in the zone.  Weight training is a conscious process.   It may sound crazy but I often talk to my muscles when I’m training them.  Our body hears everything our mind says.  I tell them they are strong, capable, amazing, powerful and getting bigger and harder.   “I’ve got this!” and I do.
  • NO EGO LIFTING: I’ve been guilty of this too many times.   Feeling like I’m cool for trying to lift heavier or more than the guy beside me – what does it actually achieve apart from an ego? – nothing.  I’m at the gym for results.  I want results not a big head.   Drop the weight, keep form, control the movement and use the muscle.
  • CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE.   Consistency in intensity. Consistency in frequency. Consistency in effort. Turning up. Be consistent – it won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Body changes take time, often a long time and too many get frustrated after only weeks or months of starting something new.  Get real about the time it takes.   The best physiques I have ever seen have been built consistently week after week, month after month, year after year. 
  • INTENSITY.   Train with intensity. I train every set to failure.  I never leave anything in the tank (unless it’s a warm up) this is essential for muscle growth. Don’t lift like a nana.  Give everything.   Force your body to respond.  Stress your muscle so that it has no choice but to change.  
  • GOOD FORM.   Never sacrifice weight for form.   Use muscle not momentum.   Keep muscles under constant tension.  Use a good moderate pace – I actually prefer slow and deliberate. Keep a neutral spine, chest high, core tight and shoulder blades back and down and if something hurts or does not feel right – listen and stop.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.   Get in the gym. Work hard.  Get out.  45min to 75minutes is all most need.    Remember recovery, growth and fat burning occurs during rest.    Ridiculously long sessions risk catabolism and the breakdown of muscle
  • PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD IS KING.   To get stronger, bigger, harder, better, continually change something to prevent adaption – increase the weight, increase the reps, reduce the rest etc.
  • COMPOUND EXCERCISES. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, military press – deliver bang for buck.   Split lunge jumps, mountain climbers, box jumps, stair runs or clap pushups – wont build muscle like heavy compound weight training. 


PRO FIGURE TRAINING PROGRAM – 5 Day program – The program I use for my professional figure athlete or sports models. Focuses on legs, butt and hamstrings with 2 leg sessions per week.    Symmetry, shape and proportions are essential for a body athlete and this program takes a traditional 5 day split to the next level in order to achieve rounder shoulder caps, the essential V taper that is achieved from well-developed latissimi dorsa and of course a firm posterior chain with the all-essential tight glute-ham tie in.  This program focuses on additional shoulders, lats and glutes to encourage muscle growth and polish to body parts that often require a little more attention to create a balanced figure or physique.

FULL BODY CHISEL – 4 days – great for beginners or after some time off.  Hit several body parts per day – not a high volume workout.  Great for symmetry and strength,  Every body part trained 3 times a week

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING – 4 and 5 day programs. 2 days heavy strength training (one lower, one upper), followed by 2 or 3 days higher rep lifting.  Incorporating both compound strength days and conditioning isolation training .  Great for both building muscle and chiseling at the same time

BODY PART SPLITS – 5 day slightly more traditional – great results – starts with compound exercises varying from high rep to low rep, finishing with an intense superset.  Probably my all time go to training program for solid results.

5X5 MUSCLE GAINS – 4 day program heavy lifting – each exercise 5 sets, 5 reps. Record weights lifted to ensure progressive overload.   Great for strength and muscle gains.

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