• Are you struggling to find the right solution to lose body fat in a healthy sustainable way?
  • Are you caught in the viscous cycle of low calories, low carbs or loads of cardio?
  • Are you often exhausted, moody, and experience PMS, bloating or cravings?
  • Do you have food intolerances or digestive issues?
  • Is your body stressed, tired or cold, are you confused, feeling trapped and miserable?
  • Is your metabolic rate slow or do you have hormonal issues that are preventing you from losing body fat, feeling great and having optimal health?
  • Do you have a unique lifestyle, likes/dislikes, goals, health issues, hormonal issues, work or family circumstances that need to be taken into consideration when creating your nutrition (and training) plan?
  • Will you benefit from fortnightly reviews where I tweak and adjust your plan to ensure you constantly get results as well as being accountable to me as your coach?
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If you are struggling with metabolic, hormonal or fat loss issues, please know it does not have to be hard. Cheryl will love to use her knowledge and experience to create a plan for you where you will get results from eating MORE food, MORE delicious food and not destroy your metabolism in the process.

Cheryl is proud to say that after 15 years as a coach an athlete she has finally developed a nutritional system based on the research of leading endocrinologist Dr Ray Peat and her own experience in the fitness industry, that delivers phenomenal, healthy, life changing results. This is the Pro-Metabolic Nutrition system.

The reality is that personalised nutrition plans deliver amazing results... EVERY time, as it can totally customised it to suit your health, hormones, metabolism, likes, dislikes, digestion, sensitives, lifestyle and goals.

Pro-Metabolic Nutrition is suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to break free from the chains of low cal, low carbs, who wants more energy, more health, more life, more results and more fat loss without destroying metabolism or hormonal balance.

Cheryl offers 2 Personalised Nutrition Coaching options along with a solid review system, for anyone looking to boost metabolism, improve thyroid hormone conversion, balance hormones, improve digestion, improve health, commit to their wellbeing and lose body fat.

The ProMetabolic Life meal plan programs are quite unique as they do not prescribe to low calorie, low carbohydrate nutritional approaches. ProMetabolic Life also does not recommend hours of excessive cardio nor does it exclude any of the macros or specific food groups.

Two 2 Personalised services



This consists of a 1 hr video link consultation with Cheryl Leigh, the ProMetabolic Life founder and creator of the Pro-Metabolic Nutrition system. Your Personalised Nutrition Plan and Training Program are then developed after the consultation according to your health, likes/dislikes metabolic set point, food choices and goals. A comprehensive document is sent to you providing some details about Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and what Cheryl’s recommendation are for you.

- $440 -



A more economical yet still as effective is the entirely Online Personalised Plan. Upon purchasing this service you will receive an extensive assessment questionnaire for you to complete and submit. Once Cheryl has received this she will develop your Personalised Nutrition Plan and Training Program to suit your goals and email it to you within 48 hours. Your plan is based entirely upon the information you provide.

- $340 -

Upon completion of the assessment questionnaire (completed for both online video link and online only), Cheryl will create a calculated customized Pro-Metabolic Nutrition plan for you. The initial plan is only as good as the information you have provided and the more detail, the better suited to you your plan will be.
Frequently Asked Questions

A Pro-metabolic nutritional framework is aimed at increasing thyroid gland functioning. This approach increases metabolic rate, balances hormones and expedites fat burning in a healthy way. This nutritional framework is based upon the work of a leading American endocrinologist and hormone researcher, Dr. Raymond Peat.

It is designed to reduce cortisol, keep estrogen balanced, ensure active thyroid functioning, stabilize insulin levels, reduce inflammation and ensure a fast metabolism… all with spectacular results!!!

And as I often say, fat loss favours a fast metabolism... Win Win!

We have found that the healthier your metabolism is, the easier it is to achieve success.

A Pro-Metabolic Nutrition Plan is designed to reduce cortisol, keep estrogen and progesterone balanced, ensure active thyroid functioning, stabilize insulin levels, reduce inflammation and ensure a fast metabolism…all with spectacular results.

The goal is to improve your metabolism and as this happens you will be able to efficiently metabolise more food, do less cardio, all whilst getting leaner. Pro-Metabolic Nutrition is also delicious, nourishing and restorative so plans are really easy to stick to as the food tastes great. No more cravings.

As the food is easily digestible, no more bloating or inflammation. As this is not a low carb plan – you will have heaps of energy. But most of all, as this plan focuses on nutrition which balanced hormones – you will see cellulite reduce, PMS improve, fat that has been difficult to budge will drop and a host of other marvelous health benefits.

Be prepared to relearn what you thought was fact. Be open-minded. You will get lean on a nutrition plan that is delicious, healthy, nourishing, packed full of vitamins and… above all… will not leave you with cravings, rebound weight gain, a damaged metabolism or hormonal imbalance.

ProMetabolic Life comp prep nutrition plans are designed around:
- natural sugars from tropical fruit, orange juice and raw honey,
- saturated fats from coconut oil, eggs and organic butter,
- complex carbs (starches) from potatoes, sourdough and rice,
- salt, dairy from milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, hard cheeses and
- good quality protein from eggs, seafood, gelatin and grass-fed beef.

  • Improved body composition.
  • Fat loss without cardio.
  • Fat loss whilst actually eating MORE food.
  • Increased lean muscle.
  • Reduced body fat.
  • Improved hormonal balance.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Decrease in cellulite (a hormonal condition).
  • Significant improvements in energy – and consequently performance in the gym.
  • Greater ability to focus.
  • Improved mood – less irritability, anxiety or depression.
  • Warmer hands and feet.
  • Greater digestion, and a reduction in symptoms such as bloating and gas.
  • The elimination of cravings!!
  • A nutrition plan that is actually EASY to stick to as the food is delicious.
  • Improved nails, skin and hair (thinning eyebrows are associated with low thyroid functioning).
  • Improved immune functioning.

Depending on the initial accuracy of the information supplied, results are seen within the first week after commencing the plan.