The Metabolic Blueprint


Do you want THE SOLUTIONS to smash weight loss and improve metabolism?
This is your ULTIMATE guide with over 100 SPECIFIC solutions that you can easily start to apply TODAY.

Along with sample pro-metabolic meal plans, there are chapters covering the:

  • Nutritional
  • Lifestyle & Environment
  • Mindset (thoughts, emotions)
  • Hormonal
  • Exercise, and
  • Supplemental SOLUTIONS

The most practical, life-changing list of strategies, solutions and tips you will ever read.


The ULTIMATE guide that gives you over 100 specific solutions to power up your metabolism, accelerate weight loss, improve your health, hormones and enrich your mind, body and life. With a chapter covering the nutritional, lifestyle, mindset (thoughts, emotions), hormonal, exercise, and supplemental SOLUTIONS this blueprint covers all you need to heal and boost your metabolism. Whether it’s an extra edge for healthier, faster fat loss you seek. Or vibrant energy, hormonal balance, quality sleep and feeling happy, peaceful and balanced. The reality is it’s all about your metabolism. In the quest to improve your body, health, mood or energy, this Metabolic Blueprint will be the most useful, life-changing list you will ever read. Because when it comes to determining how much weight you will lose or how healthy you will be, there is no greater factor than your metabolism. Our bodies and minds were NOT made to experience stubborn body fat, digestive issues, anxiety, mood swings, PMS, fatigue, poor sleep, low motivation, compromised immune systems, diabetes, sore joints, be stressed or imbalanced. So, this is a thorough list of solutions, tips and habits that will improve metabolism, thyroid health, reduce cortisol, balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, keep insulin stable, create a robust immune system, provide unparallel energy, laser focus, increase feelings of happiness, satisfaction, calm and as a result create a body and life that supports fat burning effortlessly. Whilst this may sound too good to be true, it's simply about creating a body and mind in balance and optimising metabolic health. We were made to thrive and live happy, healthy lives – but along the way, we’ve become stressed, overweight, tired, anxious, depressed, and somehow lost the way. This is the Metabolic Blueprint that will change all that. Here you will find over 100 solutions to shift your body away from a low metabolic state of health (that is consistently accompanied with stress, inflammation, estrogen dominance, digestive issues, weight issues and fatigue) to a higher energy state where repair and healing can take place. These are solutions to achieve a healthier metabolism, reduced cortisol, balanced sex hormones, solutions where rest, weight loss, energy, positivity, and great health take place. The Metabolic blueprint covers it all. These strategies are based on the research of Dr Ray Peat as well as the science in human physiology, endocrinology, digestion, the immune system, psychology, neuroscience, emotional and mental health. And, of course, experience is a great teacher, I have 20 years of coaching experience helping thousands of people heal from metabolic, hormonal and weight issues and I even used these processes at an elite level to become a Pro athlete winning many international championships. This Metabolic Blueprint has powerful solutions to heal and restore your hormonal balance, energy, digestion, improve fat loss, mood and metabolic functions. You will find the missing pieces to many of your own struggles in this guide. – Because metabolism is where it all starts.


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