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  • 12 x weekly meal plans based on Pro-Thyroid food with 2 options for each meal.
  • Phase 1. THRIVE PHASE: 6-8 weeks to increase metabolism, thyroid hormone conversion, reduce excess estrogen, improve energy, reduce cravings and optimise health.
  • Phase 2. BURN PHASE: The Thrive phase has set the scene for fast fat loss. Your body is now primed. Fat loss favours a fast metabolism.
  • Break the cycle of low calorie, low carb, boring eating.
  • Improve your relationship with food by eating a greater variety of delicious food.
  • Thrive and Burn is about sustainable fat loss that is not hard, and will not leave you exhausted, starving, deprived or with metabolic damage.
  • Includes a Pro-Metabolic Life progress sheet to record and measure progress.
  • A range of several different starting calorie ranges to choose from.
  • Detailed information about Ray Peats research and how the right Pro Metabolic nutrition can improve metabolism, thyroid health, hormonal balance, energy and increase fat loss.

Who is this for:
- This program is ideal if you are struggling to get lean due to either a slow metabolism or hormonal imbalances.
- If you experience slow fat loss this will prime your body for faster loss.
- This is also an awesome program for anyone that wants to get lean without damaging metabolic health and eating a wide variety of food.

You will eat so your body thrives in Phase 1 (repairing, healing, improving and resetting your metabolism to eat more), then in Phase 2 BURN you will be primed for fat loss.


- only $12.40 per week -

12 Week Thrive and Burn Meal Plan

The ProMetabolic Life 12 Week Thrive and Burn Meal Plan program is the easiest, healthiest and most balanced way to improve metabolism and increase fat loss.

These meal plans are strategically designed with unique Pro-Thyroid food, based on the research of Dr. Ray Peat. They will melt body fat, improve thyroid gland functioning and balance hormonal issues. In just the first 1-2 weeks remarkable results are being achieved by people all over the world. As well as finally being able to get unstuck from the drudgery of low calorie/low carbohydrate diets and lots of cardio.

This 12 week meal plan program is divided into 2 Phases

PHASE 1: THRIVE - Boost metabolic rate and hormonal balance   |   PHASE 2: BURN – Fast fat loss phase


During the first 6-8 weeks, I want you to thrive. This phase optimises your metabolism, balances hormones, improves health, digestion, reduces bloating and cravings. You should feel fantastic, energy will soar and whilst calories are gradually increased each week you are likely to get leaner. During phase 1 calories are increased in a calculated, precise way using only unique Pro-Thyroid food. Fat loss, great energy and all aspects of wellbeing actually favours a higher calorie range.

Get ready for steady fat loss, improved mood, more energy, less bloating, improved motivation, greater overall health and better sleep once eating pro-thyroid food. This approach enables increased thyroid hormone conversion, it helps reduce excess estrogen as well as reducing damaging cortisol hormones.

The Thrive Phase sets the scene for Phase 2 – BURN - effortless fat loss. The focus is to change your metabolic set point. This is the key to the success of Pro-Metabolic nutrition...

Thrive and Burn. If you have significant metabolic damage or hormonal imbalances I recommend up to a minimum of 12 months on the THRIVE phase to heal, repair, boost and optimise metabolism. You can simply stay on each week's plan for 2 weeks instead of the 1 suggested week. The more severe your thyroid issues, the longer I recommend you stay in the THRIVE mode. Metabolism will continue to improve and hormones will become balanced to set the scene for faster, healthier, sustainable fat loss.

Phase 1 THRIVE is not designed for fat loss. But, I constantly see fat loss occurring when this plan is commenced as metabolism is boosted. Phase 1 THRIVE is vital to the success of this program as it sets the scene to experience even faster and easier fat loss during Phase 2, than you would have done otherwise. Remember, fat loss favours a fast metabolism.

You will experience a significant improvements from the ProMetabolic Life Thrive and Burn Meal Plan program, if you are struggling with any of the following:
  • Slow metabolism or thyroid issues
  • Stubborn weight loss or weight loss plateaus
  • Hormonal imbalances/estrogen dominance - PMS, irregular heavy or painful periods, peri-menopause, menopausal issues
  • Cravings, binge eating or dysfunctional eating patterns
  • Decreased immune function - you get sick regularly
  • Elevated adrenalin/cortisol – stress hormones
  • Fatigue, low energy, tiredness or difficulty getting out of bed
  • Poor sleep quality, night time waking’s
  • Thinning and wrinkling skin, including cellulite
  • Weight gain despite not overeating
  • Having to do cardio to maintain your weight
  • Digestive issues, IBS, bloating, and food intolerances
  • Reproductive system issues, PCOS, and low libido
  • Increased inflammation, sore joints
  • Decreased mood, anxiety, feeling blah, depressed and lack of concentration
  • Low body temperature, cold hands and feet
  • Thinning of hair (especially edge of eyebrows or from forehead)
  • Difficulty gaining muscle
  • Carbohydrate insensitivities – weight goes up after eating starches


In Phase 2 (weeks 6/8-12) calories and macros are strategically manipulated to enable fat loss to follow. Remembering fat loss is more effective when metabolism is fast and hormones are balanced (thank your THRIVE phase which has increased your metabolism and set the scene physiologically for fat to be burned).

It is worthwhile to note that that the higher your calorie intake when you start the Burn phase, the easier and more effective fat loss results will be. For those with metabolic damage or significant thyroid health issues, you should consider spending a longer time optimising your metabolism to get faster and easier fat loss results.


Quite simply, fat loss favours a healthy, balanced body with a fast metabolism.
Most people will actually get leaner when changing to a pro-metabolic meal plan and start to eat MORE of the RIGHT food and reduce excess cardio.

A fast healthy metabolism is seriously your greatest weapon in your tool kit for fat loss and it will make your entire nutrition experience so much easier and tastier. When metabolism is fast, energy is high, hormones are balanced, cravings, bloating and cellulite are things of the past, mood is elevated, sleep is refreshing and life feels so much better.

The 12 WEEK THRIVE AND BURN focuses on improving metabolism. It sets the scene for your body to deliver the results you seek without deprivation, down-regulating metabolism or destroying your hormonal balance. You will be happier, eating more, healthier and will get leaner throughout the entire process. Win win.


This program is perfect for anyone struggling with metabolic issues, thyroid health, hormonal imbalances and having difficulties to get lean. This is the most balanced, healthy way to get into or stay in shape without destroying metabolism.

I recommend the 12 Week Thrive and Burn Meal Plans for anyone who has hit a weight loss plateau or is caught in the cycle of low calorie, low carbohydrate eating. The Thrive and Burn Meal Plans are strategically designed over 2 phases. Phase 1 will heal, improve and boost metabolism using pro-thyroid food. This primes the body for easier, faster and healthier fat loss in Phase 2.

The Thrive phase will work a treat if you are struggling with low energy, fat loss, bloating, cellulite, hormonal issues and digestive issues. Phase 1 will improve your health and metabolism and retrain your body to eat more. In this phase you prime your body for fat loss and as a result of the Thrive phase you will experience faster more effortless fat loss than if you did a shred phase on its own.

After doing the work to improve metabolic rate, fat loss is effortless and easy. Fat loss favours a fast metabolism. So many people actually lose fat during the Thrive Phase 1 as their metabolism has increasing and their body is no longer under as much stress.

Each plan is divided into 6 meals - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and pre-bed snack. There are 2 options for each meal - one simple option and one recipe. The meals are entirely different each week. Best results are achieved when meals are eaten regularly throughout the day. I recommend combining a snack with a main meal when 6 meals cannot be achieved. The meals can be eaten in any order.

Examples of some of the meals and foods on the nutrition plans are as follows:

  • Seafood, white rice, coconut oil and ripe tropical fruit.
  • Pot set Greek yoghurt with cinnamon stewed apples or pears.
  • Cheesy eggs on sourdough with pulp-free orange juice.
  • Grass-fed beef with white potatoes, butter, pulp-free orange juice and gelatin.
  • Fruit smoothie made of frozen tropical fruit, lite milk, gelatin and egg.
  • European hard cheese with ripe tropical fruit.
  • Fruit, dates, dark chocolate and cheese.
  • Prawns and ripe tropical fruit.
  • Grated carrot salad, with coconut oil and raisins.

This is a great deal to take advantage of.
For an additional $29.95 you will receive $75 worth of bonuses.

Simply select either a beginners, intermediated or advanced complete package at the checkout to receive the following addition.

By upgrading to the complete package you will have all the information, tools, research and training necessary for success. Everything needed is at your fingertips to create a great looking, healthy body and a chiseled physique.


  • 3-day home weight training
  • 2-day strength training
  • 3-day full-body strength training
  • The Unbeatable Mind eBook
  • The Pro-Metabolic Nutrition System eBook


  • 4-day home weight training
  • 4-day Pro Bikini
  • 4-day superset program
  • The Unbeatable Mind eBook
  • The Pro-Metabolic Nutrition System eBook


  • 5-day Coaches choice
  • 5-day Pro Stage ready
  • 5-day GVT with glute focus
  • The Unbeatable Mind eBook
  • 100 ProComp Comp Ready Secrets eBook

My goal is to heal and improve your metabolism so that you can get lean WITHOUT CARDIO. In fact, the more damaged your metabolism is the more cardio will work AGAINST you. Cardio is catabolic, increases cortisol and downregulates metabolic rate. It is the number one reason so many people end up with metabolic and hormonal issues and sand weight loss plates in the first place.

The higher your current metabolic set point the more effective nutrition alone will be to get you lean. I prefer minimal to no cardio to achieve the greatest results. When calories are low or your metabolism is slow you may need to do just a little. These plans will outline whether cardio is recommend each week or not. I strongly advise that cardio is gradually reduced to illustrate how a Pro-Metabolic approach works on its own. In some instances, a few 35-40 min walks may be recommended in just in the last 2-3 weeks of the Burn Phase program.

Please be aware that all of the Pro-Metabolic meal plans contain dairy in the form of cheese, milk, yoghurt and in some cases natural icecream. Many lactose-intolerant clients find they do not experience issues with quality hard European cheese, as there is no lactase. I would recommend replacing cow’s milk or yoghurt with either a lactose-free product or the equivalent coconut milk option and coconut-based yoghurt.

If you experience more chronic food intolerances, please note these are not personalised plans and you may get better results with a personalised custom nutrition plan. I get phenomenal results with custom plans as I can design your nutrition specifically for you to suit your needs, your goals, your metabolism, your health, your likes, dislikes and lifestyle

Click here for more information on personalised nutrition plans.

Pro-Metabolic Nutrition is different from any traditional weight loss plan. You will be eating a unique combination of Pro-Thyroid food to increase metabolism and balance hormones. A fast metabolism will allow you to burn fat easier and quicker, add good quality muscle, sleep better and look better. Your skin and hair will improve, your hormones will be balanced, your mood stable and you will not experience PMS, bloating, cravings, inflammation or digestive issues.

Fat loss favours a fast metabolism.
MORE Fat Loss. MORE Energy. MORE Food. MORE Balance.

Traditional weight-loss diets may work by low calories dieting, starving, over-exercising or stressing your body. This traditional approach works until it stops working and has a huge cost to your health and metabolism. Pro-Metabolic Nutrition is about losing fat healthily and easily by increasing the rate at which your body burns energy.

This plan will also train your body to eat MORE of the right food, so in Phase 1 each week your calories will gradually increase. Let the results speak for themselves. As metabolic rate and health improve, so does fat loss. When the body is not stressed, not deprived and is not starving, then it no longer has to stay in survival mode where it holds onto all calories as stored body fat.

Traditional diets cut carbohydrates and restrict natural sugars. Pro-Metabolic Nutrition ensures that the right carbohydrates are used as your primary energy source. Natural simple sugars are one of the best ways to increase thyroid hormone conversions. All our meal plans include simple sugars such as pulp-free orange juice, ripe tropical fruit and raw honey.

As you will hear me often say… fat loss favours a fast metabolism.

The ProMetabolic Life Meal Plan programs are downloadable online programs that will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. A hardbound copy of the meal plan manual can be posted for an additional postage fee.

The Meal plans programs include:

  • Your 12-program overview and notes about what to expect.
  • A new meal plan for each week of the program. Each week’s plan has two meal options for each meal – a simple, easy to prepare option and an option with an accompanying recipe for those who love to cook. Calories are adjusted strategically each week progressing through the program.
  • ProMetabolic Life's Pro-Metabolic program notes. I teach you about the thyroid gland and metabolism from Dr. Peat’s research. The notes cover how to up-regulate metabolism, improve lifestyle, identify hormonal factors that impact fat loss and outline the unique Pro-thyroid specific food and nutrients that positively influence metabolism, fat loss and hormonal balance.
  • Food selection guide. This includes food swap suggestions. A table of pro-thyroid food (the food to enjoy) and a table of anti-thyroid food (the foods to be avoided.)
  • A simple test you can do at home to measure your thyroid gland functioning. You will be provided with information on how to do this and how the results are interpreted.
  • The ProMetabolic Life Progress Review Sheets. This is the actual form that I use with my athletes and personal nutrition clients to monitor and assess progress. I encourage you to complete this when you commence your plan and then again every week so you can track and monitor your progress.

The ProMetabolic Life Meal Plans are very detailed ONLINE ONLY meal plan programs.

There is no ongoing support or responses to emails around these plans. All the information you need is provided to achieve success from your online program.

We do have a number of services that can be purchased should you have any questions, need clarification or you would like me to review your progress and provide further strategic direction.

I offer the following services:

  • 2 weeks of unlimited email support - $160.
    This can be requested at any time during your program. Responses to emails are generally within 24 except for Sundays. This service is quite beneficial when commencing your plan. This is available to purchase at the checkout or from my coaching page.
  • Online review – $90.
    This can be requested at any time during your program. It is useful should you feel stuck, unsure, or your results are not as great as expected.
    Please email me for more details and an assessment review form.

Whilst I am a professional figure athlete, I am also a coach and researcher and this program has been designed with EVERYONE in mind and is not focused on bodybuilders and competitors.

It does not matter if you have never stepped foot inside a gym or if you are a seasoned athlete. Over 20 years of experience I have learnt the art of shedding body fat and weight healthily without sacrificing energy and vitality. I do this using a Pro-Metabolic nutrition approach whilst remaining healthy with metabolism firing. This will work whether you train or not.

I do maintain, however, to create a great looking body requires weight training to chisel and shape your physique and as such, I recommend accompanying this program with a weight training programs suitable to your level.

The nutrition system on its own works if fat loss, improved metabolism, hormonal balance and greater health are your primary goals.

To create a lean, chiseled athletic physique, I recommend a weight training program to accompany your nutrition plan.

As mentioned above Pro-Metabolic nutrition on its own will still help you achieve fat loss and greater health, but to create a tight, chiseled physique then weight training is essential.

Your best option is to purchase the COMPLETE UPGRADE at checkout, for an additional $29.95 you get 2 eBooks AND 3 TRAINING PROGRAMS suitable to your level.

Select either the beginning, intermediate or advanced training plan according to where you are at, print it off, take it with you to the gym, record your results and let the magic begin.

Alternatively, click here to choose one of my training programs (only for $14.95) most suitable for you.

Most people experience results within the first few days and definitely within a week.

Results come in a variety of forms and I want you to remember that great results are not just about a number on the scales. Depending upon how you were eating prior to starting this plan, it is common to initially have more energy, sleep better, feel less anxious or stressed, feel an improved sense of happiness and mood, have greater clarity, focus and be more productive. You are now providing your body with the fuel it needs for energy and you will function on a number of fronts so much better.

It is also common within the first few days to one week, to reduce bloating and improve digestion. Pro-Metabolic nutrition focuses on foods that are easily digestible, to experience less and less of the negative symptoms associated with PMS, be able to train with more intensity and due to the increased carbs, recover better from training.

It is also highly likely that within the first few days you will reduce or totally eliminate any cravings for sweet sugary foods. As Pro-Metabolic nutrition uses simple sugars as an energy source, when you supply your body with what it needs it no longer craves it.

Most people as they transition to a Pro-Metabolic nutrition framework will experience immediate fat loss. This is not always our immediate goal though and on both the Thrive and Burn, and Hormonal Balancing plans, we are working towards increasing metabolic rate, hormonal balance, and overall health and wellbeing. It is very common to eat more, increase metabolism rate and still get leaner during all of these programs.

Some people take several weeks to months to improve basal temperatures.

As this is a hormonally balancing nutrition plan symptoms associated with excess oestrogen dominance will start to improve. This is a gradual process. If you can improve lifestyle factors (stress, sleep, toxic products, reducing chemicals), reduce PUFA’s and improve thyroid gland functioning you will achieve greater success in reducing/eliminating cellulite and achieving leaner legs.

When I committed to changing my lifestyle and adapting to a Pro-Metabolic Nutritional plan – it took me 2 years to totally eliminate ALL cellulite. You will find libido quickly improves along with fertility and reproductive health.

*** If you are not getting the results you desire, please contact me and schedule a review.

This plan is based upon human physiology and the human endocrine systems and as such it works for everyone. Sometimes we just need to tweak or adjust or work on a few things which I would love to help you identify.

As with everything, the more you learn how food impacts your health, metabolism, hormones and body the faster you will spearhead your results.

I encourage you to constantly learn. I have done the research for you, and written several comprehensive eBooks covering the nutrition, the science, the strategies, the mindset, the training, and backing this up with the research on how this impacts hormones, health and body composition. Creating great looking, healthy, balanced bodies is my business.

If you purchase the COMPLETE UPGRADE for only $29.95 with your meal plan of choice, you will receive two eBooks along with three training plans. Learning about Pro-Metabolic nutrition, improving your mindset will help set the scene for your ultimate success.

You can also purchase these eBooks separately.


I also encourage you to join my new exclusive membership program (from only $7.95 a week – a dollar a day) where you will receive information from me every day to help you learn, understand and know what to do to apply this life-changing research into your daily routines and food choices. You can choose coaching options with me depending on which membership level you purchase. I will become your daily coach, teaching, motivating and mentoring you to achieve your greatest success with your body, mind, hormones, health, and metabolism.

I generally do not recommend any supplements apart from high-quality Hydrolysed Gelatin.

I recommend everyone purchase this as an integral component for the Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan.

Find ProMetaoblic Life Gelatin here.

Gelatin is a collagen protein derived from beef hide or pork skin and bone. Unlike protein from pure muscle meat, it contains none of the inflammatory, thyroid suppressing amino acids tryptophan or cysteine. The main amino acids in gelatin are glycine and proline, which are protective, detoxifying, stress-reducing, and pro-thyroid. The balance of amino acids in our body significantly impacts thyroid health (metabolism), inflammation, degeneration, hormonal balance and aging. Gelatin is recommended to take with all meals containing animal muscle protein.

Your Pro-Metabolic nutrition meal plans specify gelatin with every meal with muscle meat as a large component of the nutritional framework.

I highly recommend you purchase your hydrolysate Gelatin in advance in preparation to start your Pro-Metabolic meal plan. I recommend Hydrolysate Beef Gelatin.

As this is an online program, you will immediately receive the meal plans and associated program notes to download. This is not a physical product that you can return; therefore I'm sorry but we do not offer money back.

Can I purchase the meal plans as a hard copy bound manual?

Absolutely. There is an option at checkout to purchase the meal plans as a bound manual, fill in your address details and I will post it to you. $39.95 additional including postage.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about what calorie range to select or about the meal plans, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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