Our bodies are a complex system of systems and when metabolism is slow, fat loss difficult or hormones out of balance it can take some tweaking to get your nutrition right to get the best results.

Our lives are also often busy, chaotic and stressful. Not to mention our lifestyle, environment, mindsets and health all can have a significant impact upon our fat loss results and metabolism.

Unless you can dedicate hours and days to researching the nutritional and lifestyle strategies, this is unknown territory for most people.

We are not taught this stuff at school and fitness magazines and well intentioned trainers all sprout different ideologies – that it becomes very difficult to even know where to start.

As an experienced and seasoned coach, PRO athlete, researcher, and author, Cheryl has dedicated 15 years to constantly learn and research (and then putting it into practice) the science of how food impacts metabolic rate, fat burning and health and hormones. She has coached many athletes to become PRO bikini models, sports models or bodybuilders using Pro Metabolic Nutrition. Cheryl is constantly working with and helping those with damaged thyroid functioning and those who are struggling with weight loss or optimal health to achieve spectacular results in a healthy, nourishing way.

"I’m aware not everyone can afford coaching.

  • Sometimes people get stuck, their results plateau and they don’t know what to do next.
  • Sometimes people have unique circumstances or health issues and need to talk it through to decide the best approach.
  • Sometimes people purchase a Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan but request a one-off review so I can look at their progress and make sure they are getting the best results possible.
  • Sometimes people just have a handful of questions they want to run past me.

Whatever the reason, I now also offer the option of a one-off video link consultation."