Cheryl Leigh Frost

Cheryl is passionate about helping EVERYONE have MORE energy, MORE life, MORE fat loss achieved in a MORE sustainable, balanced way. She left a government job and sold her gym so she could dedicate her work to help people use nutrition and understand the lifestyle factors that impact metabolism, hormonal balance, energy, health and fat loss.

Cheryl loves researching, writing and working with people. Whether it’s a meal plan program, reading through her blogs, her ebooks, or personal nutrition coaching, ProMetabolic Life WILL change your life, your body AND your health forever. From feeling fantastic in a bikini, to reducing cellulite, bloating and digestive issues, all the way through to contest preparation, Cheryl is here to help you achieve success by sharing her knowledge, experience and research.

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Cheryl Leigh (formerly Frost) is a high profile public figure and an active fitness and nutrition blogger on social media. She won the WFF Ms Universe in 1996. She is a current professional trained figure athlete with WFF International and NABBA. She is one of the highest ranked females in Figure competing in Australia today.

Cheryl is enthusiastic, dynamic, has boundless energy and is passionate about everyone that she works with. Having experienced the struggles of metabolic damage first hand she understands and can relate to the frustrations and challenges that many of her clients have to deal with on a daily basis, on their road to recovery and achieving their BEST body and BEST health.

Cheryl is also the founder and creator of the Pro-Metabolic Life nutrition system after years of research and work with Dr Ray Peat, endocrinologists, and other scientific researchers. She is also a very successful domestic and international coach who has refined her craft over the last 15 years in the health and fitness industry.

Cheryl has worked extensively with those with damaged metabolism, hormonal issues, weight-loss clients all of the way through to competition bikini and fitness models and professional body bodybuilders.

Also a writer an accomplished public speaker, Cheryl regularly conducts seminars throughout the world about nutrition, training and metabolic health. For competition clients, Cheryl is also an approved domestic and international judge and posing coach.

Over the last few years, Cheryl’s work has expanded from pro-metabolic nutrition, cellular respiration and body composition to incorporate neuroscience, the psychology of the subconscious mind and the impact of our thoughts and emotions.

Cheryl is also a psychotherapist, with a background in social work and trauma counselling. She works alongside her partner Arron as the founding therapists of the Centre of Transformational Therapy practicing RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). RTT is a revolutions science backed therapeutic approach that combines CBT, neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, cellular biology, traditional psychology and elements of hypnosis.

There is a mind-body connection which links both fields intricately together in an environment where we are forever learning and can forever thrive.

*Significant Competition History

2017 - 4th NABBA Professional Trained Figure Universe Championships - UK

2017 - 4th NABBA Professional Trained Figure World Championships - RUSSIA

2016 - 2nd WFF Professional Division Asia Pacific NEW ZEALAND

2016 - 3rd Miss Universe Professional Division - Orlando USA

2015 - 3rd Miss Universe Professional Division - La Ciotat FRANCE

2015 - 2nd NABBA World Titles - MALTA

2015 - Overall Figure Champion Titles - NABBA Miss Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2015 - 1st Open Figure Class 1 NABBA Miss Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2014 - 1st WFF Universe - Superbody - KOREA - PRO CARD Award

2014 - 2nd - NABBA Figure Class 1 Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2013 - 3rd - NABBA Worlds - Montecatini - ITALY

2013 - 2nd - NABBA Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2011 - NABBA World Champions - BRAZIL

2011 - 2nd - NABBA Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2010 - 1st - NABBA Southern Hemisphere AUSTRALIA

2009 - 1st - INBA - Tall figure open

2006 - 1st - INBA - Tall figure open


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