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12 Week Metabolic Thrive and Burn
  • 12 x weekly meal plans based on Pro-Thyroid food with 2 options each meal.
  • Phase 1. Thrive phase - 6-8 weeks to increase metabolism, thyroid hormone conversion, reduce excess estrogen, improve energy production, reduce bloating, improve digestion and set the scene for fast fat loss.
  • Phase 2. Burn phase your body is now primed. Fat loss favours a fast metabolism and a healthy body.
  • Break the cycle of low calorie, low carb eating and learn how as you gradually eat more of the RIGHT pro-thyroid food and balance your hormones, fat loss becomes faster and easier.
  • This program will ensure sustainable fat loss that is not hard, it won't leave you exhausted or with metabolic damage.
  • Minimal to no cardio.

Who is this for:

- This program is ideal if you are struggling to get lean due to either a slow metabolism or hormonal imbalances.
- If you experience slow fat loss this will prime your body for faster loss.
- This is also an awesome program for anyone that wants to get lean without damaging metabolic health and eating a wide variety of food.

You will eat so your body thrives in Phase 1 (repairing, healing, improving and resetting your metabolism to eat more), then in Phase 2 BURN you will be primed for fat loss.


- only $10.75 per week -

Hormonal Balancing Cover img
8 Week Hormonal Balancing
  • 8 x weekly meal plans created using Pro-Thyroid, anti-estrogen food with 2 options each meal.
  • Heal and improve metabolic rate and hormonal balance.
  • Based on the documented and published research of leading US endocrinologist Dr Ray Peat, Broda Barnes, Kate Deering and many others.
  • Break the cycle of low calorie, low carb eating habits and reset your metabolic set point as you gradually eat MORE of the right food that will balance hormones making fat loss faster and easier.
  • Minimal to no cardio.

Who is this for:

- This program is ideal if you are struggling to get lean as a result of thyroid health issues or excess estrogen.
- Ideal for those who have down-regulated metabolic rate from over-dieting, over-exercising or low carb eating.
- These meal plans are also fantastic to help balance estrogen dominant symptoms (stubborn lower body fat, cellulite, PMS, mood swings) and food cravings which are a major factor in many women’s weight loss struggles.
- Finally a hormonal balancing plan will improve energy, sleep quality and digestives issues.


- only $12.12 per week -

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6 Week Super Shred
  • 6 x weekly meal plans based on Pro-Thyroid food with 2 options each meal.
  • The fast, healthy way to strip fat without damaging metabolism – using calorie cycling in the lower calorie meal plans.
  • Minimal to no cardio.
  • No more depriving yourself to get lean.
  • Strip body fat whilst eating fruits, dairy, juices and carbs.
  • Easy to digest food, simple to prepare.
  • Nourishing, balanced and delicious therefore no cravings.
  • Proven results time and time again.

Who is this for:

- This program is ideal if you have a healthy metabolism and want to shred body fat fast.
- BUT If your metabolism is slow or you are struggling to lose fat, I strongly recommend my 12 Metabolic Thrive and Burn program. Phase 1 you will improve metabolism and teach your body to thrive with more Pro-Thyroid healthy food. This sets the scene for Phase 2 – where you will shred body fat from a healthier metabolic rate.


- only $14.80 per week -


A revolutionary, science-based nutrition system for faster, healthier fat loss, based upon the research of leading endocrinologist Dr Ray Peat.

As a coach and athlete, I have seen too many dieters destroy their metabolism, health and wreak havoc with their hormones by under eating, cutting carbs or cutting out entire food groups. It does not need to need to be this way.

I see too many people struggling big time to lose weight, have more energy and stressing about what to eat. The right nutrition can change everything. It can improve your metabolism, help you sleep better, give you more energy, increase your fat burning, help you put on muscle, make you less likely to feel depressed or anxious, prevent bloating and put a stop to cravings.

A ProMetabolic Life Meal Plan program is for you if:
  • You want to lose body fat WITHOUT starvation, eating a boring diet, cutting carbs or doing excessive cardio.
  • Have trouble losing weight or you put weight on easily.
  • Are caught in the cycle of low calories, low carbs and excess exercise.
  • Experience food cravings and struggle with emotional eating.
  • Suffer from bloating and experience digestive issues.
  • Are struggling with estrogen related issues such as PMS, PCOS or low libido.
  • Have unsightly cellulite, varicose veins or pelvic floor issues.
  • Struggle with feeling tired, exhausted or have a hard time getting up in the morning.
  • Suffer from sleep issues.
  • Have a hard time putting on muscle or changing your body composition.
  • Have low body temperature or cold hands or feet.
  • Your hair is thinning or falling out.
  • You struggle with mood issues such as irritability, anxiety and depression.
  • You suffer from food intolerances such as lactose, dairy or gluten.
  • You are sick and tired of eating boring, plain food and dream of eating a variety of delicious, nourishing food. Foods like fruit, juices, yoghurts, quality natural ice-cream dark chocolate and cheese.
If this is you then it may be time to listen to your body.
These meal plans will help you:
  • Improve metabolism and thyroid hormone conversion.
  • Help you lose fat effortlessly whilst eating MORE food and doing LESS cardio.
  • Improve hormonal imbalances.
  • Help get greater results from your weight training.
  • Give you more energy.
  • Eliminate food cravings, emotional eating issues, bloating, or food intolerances.

The ProMetabolic Life Meal Plan programs are based on actual results and are backed by scientific research. I have spent years researching, coaching, learning and teaching Pro-Metabolic nutrition. This approach focuses on being optimally healthy because fat loss favours a fast metabolism.


Yes! I’m ready for MORE fat loss, MORE Energy and be MORE hormonally balanced

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