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PRO METABOLIC EATING for weight loss success

pro metabolic eating

All you need to know about the life changing benefits of Pro-Metabolic Eating.   Utilising the ground breaking research of Dr Ray Peat we explore the main principles of Pro Metabolic nutrition (pro thyroid eating) and what you can easily do today to experience the wonders that only a fast healthy metabolism can deliver.

  • What is pro-metabolic eating (and Dr Ray Peat)?
  • Pro Thyroid is Pro Metabolic
  • What is so important about Pro-Metabolic eating?
  • Who should be eating Pro Metabolic
  • Benefits of pro metabolic eating
  • What are the main principles of a pro-metabolic eating (using the research Dr Ray Peat)
  • Pro-Metabolic meal plans and when you will see results

What is Pro Metabolic eating?

Pro metabolic eating is simply eating food that increases metabolism.

Nutritional science has come a long way over the last 10 – 20 years and we now have evidence based research (from Endocrinologists such as Dr Ray Peat) to draw upon which clearly help us understand what food groups and nutrients will either upregulate or down regulate metabolism.

Pro-Metabolic eating  (or Pro Metabolic Nutrition) can also be referred to as Pro-Thyroid eating because all metabolic functions are controlled by thyroid hormones.  In fact everything about you is controlled by the amount of circulating thyroid hormones available to your cells.

So Pro-Metabolic eating is about consuming food that promotes improved thyroid hormone conversion.

Pro Thyroid is Pro Metabolic

Thyroid hormones control whether you put on weight or lose weight, how well you sleep, your libido, the balance of your hormonal state, the state of your digestion, your immune function, your cognitive functions, whether you feel happy, sad, motivated or anxious, basically everything that is you and everything that is your metabolism.

You do not have a single cell, organ, system or process that is not influenced by your metabolism (thyroid hormones).  Every thought, all your energy, your nervous system, reproductive system, the quality of your skin, your health and longevity, every part of you – influenced by your metabolism.

Metabolism is where all health and fat loss starts.

And a  healthy fast metabolism requires a healthy thyroid.

What is so important about Pro-Metabolic eating?

Our metabolic rate is essential to our health, well-being and whether we find it easy or hard to lose weight and stay in great shape.

The science is clear.   There are foods that will increase metabolism and foods that will suppress metabolism.

And it is your metabolism that directly impacts your weight, sleep, health, energy and mood.

So eating a Pro-Metabolic diet is the number one strategy to live a life in a lean body with great health and lots of energy.

You see if your metabolism is slow (low thyroid health) you will have a REALLY hard time losing weight and will struggle with many health issues (digestive issues, inflammation, abdominal fat, histamine reactions, poor sleep, PMS, PCOS, headaches, foggy thinking, irritability, mood issues, food intolerances, reduced immune functioning) and so much more.

But if your metabolism is healthy and fast you will lose unwanted fat easily and quick, you will have unbridled energy, great health and digestion, a robust immune system, hormonal balance, quality sleep and feel happy, capable, strong, peaceful and balanced.


Healing your metabolism is possible using pro-metabolic eating, the right kind of exercise and some tweaks to your lifestyle, mindset and environment

(check out the Metabolic Blueprint, where you will find 100 simple solutions to improve metabolism.  (hey as Ive just launched this, for a short time im offering this at half price just use code mb50%off at checkout) 

The Metabolic Blueprint

Pro-Metabolic eating is so super amazingly important because it will take your body, mood, energy and health to the next level and you WILL experience vitality, joy, well-being and a body you never even know was possible (my clients constantly tell me they never thought it possible to feel this great or find weight loss so easy)

Who should be eating Pro Metabolic?

  • Pro Metabolic nutrition is for EVERYONE, regardless of gender, age, health or fitness.   Because we all want to thrive and live a life of optimal health. Thriving requires a healthy thyroid, and pro-metabolic eating lays the foundation for a healthy thyroid.
  • Pro Metabolic eating is for YOU if you STRUGGLE TO LOSE WEIGHT, as the number one reason weight loss becomes difficult is because of a slow metabolism.   Eat more pro-metabolic food, eat less anti-metabolic food and amaze yourself at how quickly your body composition changes.
  • Pro-metabolic eating is essential for you if you struggle with HORMONAL ISSUES (cellulite, PMS, weight gain, PCOS, reproductive issues, menopausal issues) or thyroid health directly impacts hormonal health).  Dr Ray Peat spent his life researching the physiological connection between hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid – with evidence based findings that pro metabolic nutrition is essential for thyroid health which is essential for hormonal balance)
  • Pro-metabolic eating is your solution if you DONT SLEEP WELL, if you have DIGESTIVE ISSUES, struggle with BLOATING OR LACK OF ENERGY
  • Pro metabolic nutrition will become your best friend if ANXIETY, LACK OF MOTIVATION, FEELING BLUE OR MOOD SWINGS are a challenge for you.
  • Pro-Metabolic eating is for all those who are TIRED OF STRICT, BORING DIETS,  deprivation, not enough, or thinking you have to do cardio to maintain your weight.
  • Finally if your HEALTH IS STRUGGLING (immune issues, inflammation, or any other degenerative conditions) then pro metabolic eating will be your keys to the kingdom.

Benefits of Pro Metabolic eating

  1. Weight loss becomes effortless – even without cardio (because your metabolism is finally doing the work. Cardio and low calorie diets stress the body to lose weight, but when you improve your metabolism your body does the work itself
  2. It’s Liberating – yes pro-metabolic food includes, fruits, natural ice-cream, potatoes and butter
  3. No more sugar cravings – when you supply your body with what it needs to no longer craves it.
  4. You’ll feel happier – this may sound odd, but our nutrition impacts our chemistry which impacts our mood. Science has found that the right nutrients increases happiness and decreases depression
  5. More energy – quite simply,  carbs are our primary fuel and energy source. If you’ve ever tried a low carb or keto type diet you will know what it feels like to function on an empty tank.
  6. Better sleep – simple sugars, salt (and enough food) decrease cortisol which improves sleep
  7. No more Bloating or digestive issues – improved thyroid function, more hydrochloric acid and better digestive health
  8. Eating MORE food, more delicious food, without deprivation or restriction. Oh yeah!
  9. A more athletic physique as muscle gains are quicker. No matter who you are or what you want to look like was all need muscle in the right place to keep us firm, strong and give our body shape.

What are the main principles of pro-metabolic nutrition (using the research Dr Ray Peat)

1. Include simple sugars such as OJ, ripe tropical fruit, raw honey or root vegetables – 

Simple sugars are a cornerstone of Pro Metabolic Nutriton, because  fructose can enter a cell without the need of insulin (and its in the presence of insulin that fat is stored). More importantly because glucose is the fuel that your liver uses to convert thyroid hormones T4 to T3. And as we mentioned above more thyroid hormones converted, the greater your metabolism.   Benefits of OJ

2.  Avoid PUFA’s – polyunsaturated fats (nuts, seeds oils)

As they suppress cellular respiration (thyroid hormone conversion, and are linked to inflammation, fatigue, immune conditions and downregulate metabolism.   Ray Peat on PUFA’s

3. Keep Blood sugar stable

By eating consistently and regularly throughout the day, but NOT skipping breakfast and by ensuring all your meals are an even balance of carbs, proteins and fats.

4. Ensure quality protein and don’t eat muscle meat on its own –

Whenever you eat chicken breast or a fillet of steak, consume it with either bone broth or gelatin – to ensure that the amino acids entering your blood stream are balanced.

Muscle meat is high in the inflammatory amino acids tryptophan and cysteine which suppress metabolism, but when you balance it with bone broth or gelatin (which are high In the pro-metabolic amino acids glycine and proline) all stays balanced.

Best protein sources – bone broth, gelatin, oysters, shellfish (prawn, shrimp, lobster,, milk, cheese).  Pro Metabolic protein sources

5.  Be wary of grains and gluten

Grains are full of anti-nutrients (phytates, lectins and trypsin inhibiters. And Gluten is difficult to digest for many.

6.  Include saturated fats (especially coconut oil) .

Coconut oil increases metabolic rate and heat production which is an incredible aid for fat burning and metabolism.  Coconut oil for fat burning

7.  Salt your meals

Salt is necessary for a high metabolic rate. It is thermogenic, reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity and sleep, reduces inflammation and helps magnesium absorption.  the benefits of salt

8. Include Gelatin (collagen) / Bone broth

Gelatin has incredibly powerful metabolic, hormonal, gut healing and digestive health benefits.

I consider gelatin/collagen a superfood.  It is high in the pro-thyroid, anti-inflammatory, healing amino acids glycine and proline.   It’s a protein source that contains no tryptophan, which is an amino acid that inhibits thyroid functioning and depresses immunity.

The hormonal benefits of gelatin have been greatly researched by Dr Ray Peat. Apart from reducing cortisol, detoxifying the liver, helping with arthritis, joins, memories, hair, skin and nails it is fantastic for improving metabolism.    Dr Peat on Gelatin

9.  Ensure adequate calcium

Calcium is a fat burning, pro-metabolic powerhouse (especially from organic, grass fed, hormone free dairy sources – milk, cheese).   Calcium supports energy metabolism and inhibits fat forming enzymes as well as decreasing PTH stress forming hormones.  Less fat is absorbed when calcium is consumed with a meal.   So enjoy chocolate milk with your meal or melt cheese over it.    Calcium for fat loss

10.  Avoid legumes and soy products

ie. beans, peas, lentils, soy milk, tofu, edamame, soy products etc.  Most soy is genetically modified and highly processed. It is NOT a health food.    Soy is a phytoestrogen (plant estorgen) and is also goitrogenic (suppresses thyroid functioning).

Soy is anti-metabolic and highly estrogenic. It also contains anti-nutrients

11.  Avoid nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are also not health foods. Nuts and seeds contain high amounts of PUFA’s – which directly suppress thyroid function, slow metabolism, increases cortisol, decrease digestive enzymes and reduce cellular metabolism). They are NOT a good source of protein and contain anti-nutrients.

12.  Include a daily carrot salad (or bamboo shoots/mushrooms) 

Dr Ray Peats carrot salad would be the easiest and least expensive detoxifying and hormonal balancing strategy you will ever find. The unique fibers in the raw carrots aid your body in its natural detoxification process by binding to toxins and unused hormones – so it flushes out excess estrogen.  The carrot salad

13.  Reduce or avoid alcohol

The reality alcohol isn’t your friend if you want a healthy fast metabolism. It increases estrogen, slows metabolism increases inflammation, cortisol and is directly linked to fat gain.    Even though alcohol is not recommended, here is a tip on how you can use it like Pro Metabolic Nutrition the best way to drink alcohol

14. Avoid processed foods

ie. additives, preservatives, flavors, coloring -especially carrageenan’s and gums – These chemicals increase toxicity, impair the liver, increase stress hormones, cause hormonal imbalance, reduce metabolism and increase degeneration and disease. This includes cereals, protein bars, pastry products, frozen meat, hot dogs, biscuits, cakes, powered or tinned soups, margarine, instant noodles, commercial ice-creams, reconstituted meat products.

Nature gets it right, processing destroys it.   Stick to real food.

15.  Minimize or avoid raw veggies, leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables.

Cruciferous veggies are goitrogenic, meaning they suppress thyroid function.   Raw veggies and leafy greens are high in cellulose and insoluble fiber which cannot be properly digested by our stomachs, often creating digestive issues.  Dr Ray Peat on vegetables

16.  Enjoy well cooked root vegetables

(potatoes, beets, zucchini, summer squash,). Fruit vegetables contain fructose and glucose (so are great for metabolism and blood sugar) and are low in starch, and cellulose as well as having less PUFA’s. That said they still contain some starch so be sure to cook them well and consume with a saturated fat to ensure even blood sugar.

Pro-Metabolic meal plans

Pro-Metabolic meal plans are different to any traditional weight loss plan.   It’s about eating more quality food to increase metabolism as FAT LOSS FAVOURS A FAST METABOLISM

If you want the work done for you, then check out my easy to follow, delicious Pro-Metabolic Meal plans programs.


They are healthy, balanced, and delicious and will result in improved thyroid gland functioning, faster metabolic rate and greater health and fat loss.

What’s included in the 12 week, 8 week or 6 week Pro-Metabolic Meal plan programs

  • different meal plans are provided each week with 2 options for each meal
  • includes pro-metabolic food selection guide and how to substitute food if required
  • includes information about metabolism, thyroid hormones and health indicators
  • includes of progress sheet
  • and ofcourse as no 2 people have the same metabolism you get ot choose what calorie range you will start from.

When will you see results with Pro Metabolic Nutrition

Most people experience results within the first few days and definitely within a week.   Within the first week it is common to drop weight, reduce bloating, have more energy, sleep better and feel anxious and stressed.

Within the first few days you will also reduce or totally eliminate any cravings for sweet food.  Most people as they transition to a Pro-Metabolic nutrition framework will experience immediate fat loss and energy and this just continues as you increase metabolic rate, hormonal balance and over health and wellbeing.  Win win win

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