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It really is as simple as SALT


If you want to know how something as simple as SALT can be a powerful Pro-Metabolic addition, read on to see how a sprinkle here and there can help increase thermogenesis, METABOLISM AND BURN FAT.  Salt also reduces cortisol, bloating and inflammation. 

For far too long,  the health and fitness and industry has criticised nutrients that are nourishing, metabolically active and life restoring.  

Salt is thermogenic, increases heat production, increasing metabolic rate via increasing mitochondria respiration. These factors are also a great help to decrease body fat….specifically abdominal fat….simply by reducing the activity of the fat synthesizing enzymes.  

Salt is also anti-inflammatory. Salt is directly linked to reducing the negative effects of cortisol.

On the other hand, salt deprivation has the exact opposite effect.  In the absence of adequate salt in nutrition, metabolic processes slow down, body temperatures reduce, inflammation increases as does stress and degenerative illnesses.  People on low salt diets most often have increased blood pressure and higher cortisol levels.

With all of the benefits of sodium, it seems ridiculous that the pharmaceutical and medical industries actively promote low sodium products to counteract the effect of sodium. My message here is everything in moderation. 

The benefits of salt:

  • Increases metabolic rate and heat in the body.
  • Reduces bloating.
  • Supresses stress hormones in particular aldosterone.
  • Improves muscle function.
  • Supports thyroid gland functioning and therefore a faster metabolism and efficient fat loss.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity where there is less likelihood of unstable blood sugar and fat storage.
  • Reduces risk of coronary events.
  • Has a positive effect on blood pressure.
  • Reduces inflammation and cramping.
  • Helps magnesium absorption.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Improves sleep.

I use clean, unrefined, non-ionized White Sea salt.  I do not recommend table salt, pink or grey rock salt. 



The meal plans are specifically designed around the research of leading endocrinologist,  Dr Ray Peat. ProMetabolic nutrition is designed around using unique Pro-Thyroid nutrients that help to improve metabolism.  It also assists with thyroid hormone conversion, the reduction  of excess cortisol and balances the estrogen/progesterone ratio.  Fat loss favours a fast metabolism.

Do you own 12-week challenge to burn fat, heel amazing and look great. The plans provide different meal plans each week.  Get rid of Bloating. Balance hormones. Improve thyroid gland functioning to boost metabolism.  First phase of the program will help restore, repair, heal and improve metabolic rate. It works on optimal health as a priority and sets the scene for phase 2….the shred and fat loss phase.

Dr Ray Peat Nutrition is backed by science and research to help with hormonal balance and metabolism.


“Protein, salt, thyroid, and progesterone happen to be thermogenic, increasing heat production and stabilizing body temperature at a higher level. Prolactin and estrogen lower the temperature set-point.”  (1)

“One way of looking at those facts, is to see that a lack of sodium slows metabolism, lowers carbon dioxide production, and creates inflammation, stress and degeneration. Rephrasing it, sodium stimulates energy metabolism, increases carbon dioxide production, and protects against inflammation and other maladaptive stress reactions.” (1)

“The increase of adrenalin caused by salt restriction has many harmful effects, including insomnia. Many old people have noticed that a low sodium diet disturbs their sleep, and that eating their usual amount of salt restores their ability to sleep” (1)

“Hypertonic solutions, containing more than the normal concentration of sodium (from about twice normal to 8 or 10 times normal) are being used to resuscitate people and animals after injury. Rather than just increasing blood volume to restore circulation, the hypertonic sodium restores cellular energy production, increasing oxygen consumption and heat production while reducing free radical production, improves the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle, and reduces inflammation, vascular permeability and oedema. “

“Seawater, which is hypertonic to our tissues, has often been used for treating wounds, and much more concentrated salt solutions have been found effective for accelerating wound healing “ (2)

“When rats are given 0.9 per cent sodium chloride solution with their regular food, their heat production increases, and their body fat, including abdominal fat, decreases.  These responses to increased dietary sodium are immediate”  (3)

“The thermogenic effects of sodium can be seen in long-term studies, as well as short. A low-sodium diet accelerates the decrease in heat production that normally occurs with aging, lowering the metabolic rate of brown fat and body temperature, and increasing the fat content of the body, as well as the activity of the fat synthesizing enzyme” (4)

1.Salt, energy, metabolic rate, and longevity.  Ray

2. Metabolism. 2003 Aug;52(8):1072-7. Dietary sodium restriction exacerbates age-related changes in rat adipose tissue and liver lipogenesis. Xavier AR, Garófalo MA, Migliorini RH, Kettelhut IC.“Taken together, the data indicate that prolonged dietary sodium restriction exacerbates normal, age-related changes in white and BAT metabolism.”

3. Int J Obes. 1984;8(3):221-31. Influence of sodium intake on thermogenesis and brown adipose tissue in the rat. Bryant KR, Rothwell NJ, Stock MJ.

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