• Symmetry, shape and proportions are essential for a body athlete and this program takes a traditional 5 day split to the next level in order to achieve rounder shoulder caps, the essential V taper that is achieved from well-developed latissimi dorsa and of course a firm posterior chain with the all-essential tight glute-ham tie in.
  • ProComp’s ProStage training program is a program done over a 5 day per week training schedule. It focuses on additional shoulders, lats and glutes to encourage muscle growth and polish to body parts that often require a little more attention to create a balanced figure or physique.
  • The program can be performed as 5 days straight with the weekend for rest or midweek break with one day off on the weekend quite a beneficial option.
  • The program has a number of muscle building basic compound exercises that are the basis of most solid training plans. Isolation exercises have then been added for shape and balance at the end of each program.
  • Reps commence at the higher rep range where lighter reps are used then are reduced once the weight gets heavier.
  • Muscle to mind connection and contractions are to be performed at all times with each rep.
  • Recovery between reps should be approximately 60-90 seconds.


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