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3 Sample Pro Metabolic Meal Plans (Dr Ray Peat inspired)

Pro-Metabolic meal plans

To help get you started, here are 3 sample Pro Metabolic Meal Plans that you can follow today – inspired by the research of Dr Ray Peat

Sample 1:  Metabolic restorative Pro Metabolic meal plans

Sample 2: Hormonally balancing fat loss Pro Metabolic meal plan

Sample 3:  Accelerated Fat loss Metabolic meal plan

Do you want that extra edge for healthier, quicker fat loss?,

Perhaps unbridled energy, great health and digestion, a robust immune system, hormonal balance, quality sleep, to feel happy, capable, strong, peaceful and balanced.

Maybe you just want to be able to eat more without worrying about weight gain, or to enjoy delicious carbohydrates as part of your everyday diet?


Metabolism is where all health and fat loss starts.   In fact a healthy metabolism is crucial to health, longevity and a lean body and Pro-Metabolic Meal plans will do just that. 

Dr Ray Peat (endocrinologist) and Dr Broda Barnes (Cardiologist) were the pioneers in the field of metabolic research.   They made the initial breakthroughs:

 A high metabolic rate is synonymous with optimal health and healthy thyroid production.

 Our bodies and minds were NOT made to experience stubborn body fat, digestive issues, anxiety, mood swings, PMS, fatigue, poor sleep, lack of concentration, low motivation, compromised immune systems, diabetes, sore joints, be stressed or imbalanced.

We were made to thrive and live happy, healthy lives – but along the way we’ve become stressed, overweight, tired, anxious, depressed, we eat processed food, we eat too much, often not enough, we see more screens than nature, more electronics than sunlight, our bodies are overloaded with toxins and we’ve stopped taking care of ourselves.

To live our best healthiest life we need a healthy metabolism

“there is no part of the body, no organ, no muscle – not a single cell, that isn’t influenced by the basal metabolic rate.   In fact, I challenge anyone to find a diseased state that cannot, in some shape, form or fashion be linked back to the basal metabolisms somehow” – Matt Stone – Eat for Heat

You see, when your metabolism is slow (low thyroid health) you have a REALLY hard time losing weight and struggle with many health issues  (histamine reactions, poor sleep, PMS, PCOS, headaches, foggy thinking, anxiety, depression, candida, digestive issues, irritably, mood issues, inflammation, and a reduced immune function. )

 Unfortunately, so many people do not even realise they have a slow metabolism. In today’s world where healthy sugars are demonized, processed ‘health’ foods are glorified, excessive exercise is celebrated, increased stress and workload is rewarded, chemical laden personal care products are cheaper than chips, we are sleeping less, eating less, and becoming overweight, hypothyroid, stressed-out, exhausted, diabetic and reproductively-challenged.


Your metabolism is controlled by your thyroid gland and hormones. 

This is why Pro-Metabolic nutrition is Pro Thyroid nutrition.  A healthy metabolism requires a healthy thyroid.  and this is why Pro Metabolic Meal Plans are for EVERYONE.

Thyroid 101.

The thyroid gland controls the production and circulating levels of thyroid hormones that are integral to every metabolic process. Without the thyroid gland and adequate thyroid hormones, your metabolism will downregulate. A poor metabolism due to poor thyroid health results in weight gain, fatigue, health issues and disease.

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in your body and is located at the front of your neck.   The thyroid gland is often referred to as the master gland due to the influence it has on all the metabolic processes in the body.

The thyroid gland produces four thyroid hormones, T1, T2, T3 and T4 from the protein’s tyrosine and iodine.  The two most abundant thyroid hormones are T3 and T4.  Whilst T4 is the most plentiful thyroid hormone, T3 is 10 x more active than T4.   Only 10-20% of T3 is physically produced in the thyroid with the other 80-90% of T3 being converted from circulating T4 in the liver, kidneys, spleen and pituitary.  Glucose is required for this conversion.  Hence the importance of a well-functioning liver for metabolic health.

The importance of glucose and liver health

For an effective, healthy and fast metabolism, glucose (sugar) is needed by the liver to covert thyroxin (T4) to the active triiodothyronine (T3).  All our cells need T3 in order to produce ATP (energy).  It’s when we don’t have enough T3 that cellular respiration (metabolism) slows down, which in turn slows down the functioning of every other system in our body.

As the thyroid gland controls every metabolic process in your body, if it is running low, then every system in your body slows down, so not only are you likely to put on weight (because fat burning slows down – due to your body using less energy), you will find your immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, cognitive processes, mood, nervous system, sleep etc all start to become negatively impacted.

Quite simply, the more thyroid hormones you produce,

the faster your metabolism – and the healthier and leaner you will be.

Understanding this is vital to understanding why Pro-Metabolic (pro-thyroid) nutrition is so powerful when it comes to improving health, hormones, energy and fat loss.


Pro-Metabolic nutrition is about consuming food that will upregulate thyroid hormone conversion, and avoiding food that will downregulate any metabolic processes.

Pro Metabolic meal plans are for EVERYONE, regardless of gender, age, health or fitness.

Because we all want to thrive and live a life of optimal health, and thriving requires a healthy thyroid, and pro-metabolic nutrition lays the foundation for a healthy thyroid.

Pro Metabolic meal plans are about nutrition that:

  • support fat loss, not forces fat loss;
  • nourishes your body, not stresses your body;
  • is easily digestible and from bioavailable foods;
  • supplies your body with optimal fuel for cellular metabolism;
  • will help you achieve optimal health with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need;
  • increases thyroid hormone conversion which increases metabolism and therefore fat burning;
  • reduces stress hormones;
  • helps maintain hormonal balance;
  • nourishes the liver;
  • improves sleep, creates more energy and optimises focus and mood;

THE RIGHT NUTRITION – how Pro Metabolic meal plans inspired by Dr Ray Peat will work for you

The right nutritional framework is paramount to achieving great results. Not only does it determine what you look like, it is crucial to your health, energy, immunity, digestion, mood, skin, body composition, recovery, training, and fat loss.

Pro-Metabolic Meal plans will do just that.   They are all science-based nutritional strategies based upon the research of Dr Peat.

My recommendation is to eat to increase the metabolic rate (usually temperature and heart rate)” – Ray Peat PHD

You see healing and increasing your metabolism is possible utilising pro-thyroid nutrition, the right kind of exercise, and some tweaks to your lifestyle, mindset and environment.

In fact, with a little commitment to the process you can improve your metabolism and experience vitality, joy, health and a body you never even knew was possible.

Whilst this may sound too good to be true, its simply about creating a body and mind in balance and it all starts with the food you eat.

Pro-Metabolic meal plans are different to any traditional weight loss plan.   It’s about eating more quality food to increase metabolism as FAT LOSS FAVOURS A FAST METABOLISM.

 Note regarding the calories of the below sample pro metabolic meal plans:

We all have our own individual metabolic rate, based on your health, age, muscle mass, gender, history of dieting, exercise habits, metabolism, sleep patterns etc.

Whilst some of you are maintaining on 1600 calories a day others require 4000 calories as your daily maintenance.

Hence it is not possible for me to provide exact measurements and quantities in these sample plans.

In my 12 week, 8 week and 6 week meal plan programs which I sell online, you are able to choose your starting caloric point – ranging anywhere from 1100 (for those with metabolic or hormonal problems) to 3750 (those who are thriving).   For those purchasing a Pro-Metabolic meal plan program I am happy to help you work out the place to start.

PRO METABOLIC MEAL PLAN 1. (for healing)

Upon risingCoffee with 1 tbs gelatin, sugar and cream

Breakfast – Sour dough toast with butter, Eggs, Cheese, Pulp free orange juice

SnackGrated carrot salad with Coconut oil, Drizzle white wine vinegar and salt, Grated European cheese, Sultanas or beetroot.  Chocolate milk – milk with cocoa and gelatin

Lunch – Prawns or scrimp, White rice, Coconut oil, Tropical fruit

SnackRice pudding – White rice cooked in milk, coconut oil, hydrolysed gelatin or collagen with vanilla bean and raw honey

Stirred slowly on stovetop

Post workout – Orange juice or milk with Hydrolysed Gelatin or collagen and an egg and Salt

Dinner – Grass fed beef, White potatoes and butter, Well-cooked zucchini, squash, capsicums or mushrooms, Pulp free orange juice with Hydrolysed Gelatin or collagen stirred through

Pre-Bed -Cheese and ripe tropical fruit

 PRO METABOLIC MEAL PLAN 2 (for hormonal balance)

Upon risingCoffee with hydrolysed gelatin or collagen Sugar and Cream

Breakfast – Sour dough toast, Eggs, well cooked mushrooms, Pulp free orange juice

SnackGrated carrot salad with Coconut oil, Drizzle white wine vinegar and salt, Grated European cheese, Sultanas or beetroot.  Chocolate milk – milk with cocoa and gelatin

Lunch – Cup of bone broth with cheese, Plate of Tropical fruit

SnackEggnog – Milk, Frozen pineapple, Egg, Coconut oil, Hydrolysed Gelatin or collagen, Raw honey, Add ice and blend

Dinner – White Fish, White potatoes, Butter, Well-cooked zucchini, squash, capsicums or mushrooms., Pulp free orange juice with Hydrolysed Gelatin or collagen stirred through

Pre-Bed – Pot set Greek yoghurt yoghurt, Gelatin, Stewed fruit

PRO METABOLIC MEAL PLAN FOR 3 (for accelerated fat loss)

Upon risingCoffee with hydrolysed gelatin or collagen Sugar and Cream

Breakfast – Dairy blend of cottage cheese and low-fat pot set Greek yoghurt together, Drizzle Raw honey, 1 tbs Hydrolysed gelatin or collagen, Stewed fruit (apple, pear, stone fruit)

SnackGrated carrot salad with Coconut oil, Drizzle white wine vinegar and salt, Grated European cheese, Sultanas or beetroot.  Chocolate milk – milk with cocoa and gelatin

Lunch – Prawns or scrimp, Coconut oil, Ripe Tropical Fruit

Snack -European cheese, Ripe Fruit

Dinner – Lean turkey or chicken or seafood, Well-cooked zucchini, squash, capsicums or mushrooms. Pulp free orange juice

Hydrolysed gelatin or collagen stirred through

Pre-Bed – Low fat milk with honey and gelatin

If you are ready to get off the dieting merry-go-round and are looking for a program with different meal plans each week, are carefully calculated to the precise macronutrients that will help you achieve both health and weight loss results without deprivation or stress than look no further.   My 12 week, 8 week or 6 week Pro-Metabolic meal plans are based on years of research and working with thousands of people and they work time after time,.

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