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Calcium – The perfect fat burning, pro-metabolic nutrient


5 Scientific reasons to include this every day for accelerated fat loss (especially belly fat)

We all know that CALCIUM is necessary for strong healthy bones – but did you know that it is considered a FAT BURNING POWERHOUSE – in fact a diet rich in quality calcium will do wonders to reduce belly fat at the same time.  Talk about win win.

And the best source of Calcium – Dairy products!   They are also a great protein source and have a wonderful non inflammatory amino acid profile that does NOT suppress thyroid functioning – hence why this nutrient it is considered pro-metabolic powerhouse.

 Dairy products contain a balanced ratio of phosphorus (essential mineral for bone development) and calcium (needed for healthy bones, nerve function, blood clotting, muscle and heart contractions).

Milk, cheese and yoghurts – are incredibly nutrient dense – and a complete food on their own, providing all of the three macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) your body needs to metabolize food and keep blood sugar regulated.  Dairy contains magnesium, potassium, selenium and iron, vitamins A, B2, B12 K and D.

 Lets look at some the huge body of research and evidence that supports calciums role in accelerating fat loss.

 1 Calcium enhances fat burning.

Research clearly shows that you will get leaner quicker if you include dairy in your diet.   There is an increasing body of evidence supporting dairy’s role in helping to accelerate fat loss.  Calcium plays a pivotal role in fat metabolism inside fat cells. Researcher Zemel found that dietary calcium breaks down the fat inside cells and prevents fat gain when in a calorie excess. Interestingly his research also found when diets are low in calcium adipose cells start building up that leads to weight gain.

Calcium triggers fat burning especially in those who are overweight

(interestingly, not if you are at your ideal weight).   Research has shown that when someone is trying to lose weight they will burn 30% more fat if eating a high calcium diet (in this study they consumed 1,400milligrams of calcium per day)

A randomized double bin study of 63, overweight women with an average age of 43 compared results after a 15 week weight loss program for body fat. The women who took the calcium (800mg)  (and in this study also Vit D – as Vit D assists our body absorb calcium) supplementation saw a significant decrease in body weight and fat loss.

2. Calcium helps prevent the production of new fat cells forming

Research published in the International Journal of Obesity found 1,200 milligrams of supplemental calcium per day, increased metabolism and decreased the production of fatty acid synthase and caused a drop in any production of new fat too

As concluded by Dr. Ray Peat an esteemed endocrinologist, “Calcium inhibits the fat-forming enzymes, fatty acid synthase, reducing the formation of fats and at the same time it activates the uncoupling proteins in the mitochondria which are associated with increased longevity. Milk and calcium increases the metabolic rate, the uncoupling proteins burn calories faster while they protect against free-radical oxidations.   …. So, the uncoupling proteins burn calories faster, at the same time that your reducing fat synthesis and milk is, as far as I know, the only food that does both of those things simultaneously”.

3. Less fat is absorbed when calcium is consumed with a meal.

Did you ever wonder why our mothers gave us a glass of milk to drink with dinner. It turns out mum knows best afterall.   Our bodies absorb less fat when calcium is consumed with a meal.  This research shows that consuming calcium rich food results in a significantly lower postprandial lipid response – (less fat appears in the blood stream after a meal).

In this study 19% less triglycerides (fat) where absorbed from the food eaten and carried in the bloodstream of those who consumed calcium rich foods.  Why because you absorb less fat when calcium in consumed with a meal

4. Calcium helps reduce belly fat and increase fat burning when dieting

The journal Obesity Research published a study of overweight participants that compared the effects of

  1. 24 weeks of dieting alone (500 calorie per day deficit) to
  2. 24 weeks of a 500 calorie-deficit diet with supplemental calcium, or
  3. a 500 calorie-deficit diet that included high-calcium-dairy foods.

The outcome:

  1. Those on the standard diet, (400 to 500 milligrams of dietary calcium per day), lost 6.4% of their body weight.
  2. Those on the calcium-supplemented diet (400–500 mg of calcium from food and 800 mg of supplemental calcium per day) lost 8.6% of their body weight – 38% more fat loss
  3. And those on the high-calcium-foods diet (1,200–1,300 milligrams of calcium from dairy products and other calcium-rich foods) lost 10.9% of their body weight. 64% more fat loss!

And the most fascinating, fat loss from the trunk region (belly fat) was way higher for those with the higher intake of calcium.  Belly fat loss represented 19% of total fat loss on the low-calcium diet, 50.1% on the calcium-supplemented diet, and 66.2% on the high-calcium-foods diet.

Again here is another study where fat burning has been significantly increased when calcium intake was increased, and again all of these also experienced an increase in the loss of belly fat too!

5.Calcium increases fat excretion

Humans typically excrete about 2 g of fat in stools each day. But studies show simply including calcium in your diet will increase the amount of fat excreted each day.

These studies show increasing calcium intake from 400-500 mg per day (the average amount in a Western diet), to 1241 mg per day increased the amount of fecal fat. On average, the participants in the studies lost 5.2g of fat in their stools – 3.2g more than the average person.

useful info

Dairy products are better than calcium supplements as they contain bio-active compounds like angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and branched chain amino acids that work with calcium to prevent fat accumulation.


How to Maximize Calcium’s Fat-Burning Effect

So the science is clear – there is an undeniable link between increased calcium intake and fat burning.  So what now. 

  1. Consume at least three or more serves of calcium per day to help to lose weight by actually speeding up fat burning processes and reducing accumulated fat. Cheese, milk, yoghurt or even a teaspoon of calcium egg shell powder
  2. Ensure one of these serves is at breakfast as research shows when calcium is consumed at the beginning of the day then it increases the rate fat is burned over the next two meals as well as helps with satiety throughout the day.
  3. The recommended dietary allowance for calcium is 1,000 mg for women aged 19-50 and men aged 19-70, and 1200 mg for women aged 51 and over and men aged 71 and over.
  4. Calcium combined with Vitamin D and other pro-metabolic foods will yield significantly better results


Still not sure how to incorporate this fat burning powerhouse into your

daily routine to maximize results??

Then check out my Pro-Metabolic Meal Plans –as I have done the work for you and created 12 week, 8 week and 6 week meal plan programs that accelerate fat loss HEALTHILY, by increasing metabolism, balancing hormones and consuming nutrient dense, nutritious food.

These meals plans are backed by science, research and ofcourse results.  Win win!







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