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and change your life (AND YOUR BODY) forever –  you’ll love number 4!

Watermelon, Pineapple, Cherries, Papaya, natural Orange Juice – restorative, nourishing, digestible, pro-metabolic, healthy.  The fruits of nature, will do more for your body and  health than so many realise.   

WHY does such confusion exist about the overwhelming benefits of the “simple natural sugars”  found in fruit?   

WHY do we believe that all sugars are created equal and as such the nutrient dense sugars in fruit is considered “poison” and on par with Krispy Kreme donuts?

WHY do most fitness diets totally restrict the consumption of natural fresh fruit yet encourage the consumption of highly processed, chemically laden protein shakes or ‘health’ food bars?

WHY when being told to ‘quit sugar’ or do a ‘sugar detox” are lollies considered to be the same sugar as a piece of fruit?

Tropical ripe fruit is included in ALL my Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs.   ALL MY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES (from bikini models, fitness models to bodybuilders) consume fruit or Orange Juice with meals, and every client I work with who is successful at losing body fat and improving their metabolism and health CONSUME DELICIOUS, PRO-METABOLIC, FRUIT EVERY DAY.

Ask yourself…Do you honestly believe a piece of fruit picked from a tree needs to be avoided?

Here are my top reasons for including Ripe Tropical Fruit in all my meal plan programs and all the nutrition plans I write – and see phenomenal results:


Fat loss favours a fast metabolism. Simple. Natural sugar fuels metabolism. The liver needs sugar to convert t4 to t3 (thyroid hormone). Without an adequate supply of glycogen (sugars), thyroid production slows down which downregulates metabolism.  Provide you body with the fuel it needs (yes, simple sugars are our primary energy source – they fuel our metabolism) and wham – you are one step closer to a faster metabolism.    The single most critical factor to supporting healthy and effective fat loss.


“Fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so eating sucrose in place of starch will reduce the tendency to store fat”. Dr Peat.

We ignore the fundamental biochemistry of how fructose is processed when we suggest that fruit could possibly be fat storing – the reality is in the presence of fructose, insulin is not released – therefore without insulin – no fat is being stored.

Steven Guyenet, biochemist, Ph.D. Obesity researcher reports “fruit is not fattening and may in fact be slimming”.

” Eating fruit does not contribute to fat gain but instead favours leanness”. 


A diet with carbs  (ie fruit)  is a high energy diet, more energy, more productivity, more focus. Cutting carbs can be exhausting and depleting.   Scientific studies have shown us that foods high in Fructose (ie fruit) increase energy without increasing body weight.


If you struggle sticking to a diet, get sugar cravings, fall off the wagon or give in to either the mid-afternoon or post dinner munchies, then try adding fruit into your day and see how that soon changes. 

When you feed your body what it needs it doesn’t crave it.   Our bodies are intelligent.  When we are craving sugar, our cells are in fact screaming out for energy, for fuel, for glucose, for sugar (yes simple sugars found in fruit, OJ or even honey).  When we supply our body with adequate glucose, when our liver has the right nutrients, when we are not starving our body, or depleting our cells of their vital energy source (simple sugars)  – BINGO we are not going to crave sugar – surprisingly when you eat what your body needs, you will satisfied and settled.       

Binge eating is a blog for another day, but again if you deprive yourself what you enjoy and NEED (yes our bodies need glucose – sugar) undoubtedly you risk developing an unhealthy or disordered relationship with food. 

“Any craving is a good starting point, because there are several biological mechanisms for correcting specific nutritional deficiencies. ” -Dr. Ray Peat, PhD

Sugar is the body’s primary energy source.  When you do not eat enough sugar because of either low carb dieting or just dieting in general, your body starts to crave it.   

I have found that the best choice to when wanting to stay lean and healthy is ripe tropical fruits, raw honey, pure orange juice and root vegetables.   And the magic….If you eat simple sugars whilst dieting, you will drop the kilos without having sugar cravings – just read some of the stories from these great people I have worked with.


We eat so many healthy food that are actually difficult to digest and consequently result in bloating. Fruits are single sugar molecules so don’t require the digestive strength or enzymes that complex carbs require. They are easy and quick to digest, in and out without sitting, fermenting in the intestine causing bloating, gas or digestive issues.  Win…Win

Some carbohydrates though, are very hard for us to digest (cellulotic green vegetables) while others (grains, legumes, starchy veggies) will raise blood sugar so quickly that they will cause blood sugar regulation issues leading to the perpetuation of the affects of high cortisol and adrenaline.  Simple carbohydrates found in our beloved fruit wont do either.


Now this is pretty cool….Fruits and fruit juices also help modulate blood sugar and calm down the adrenal glands.

When the body is deprived of sugars, the very fuel it needs, stress hormones are triggered and cortisol and adrenaline are released.  Sucrose will reduce cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones), sparing protein and protecting muscle and glands (particularly the thymus which rules our immune system)  .High cortisol results in the unfavorable hormonal balance of low progesterone and high estrogen.    And estrogen dominance is directly linked to cellulite, fat gain, irritability, and many other insidious conditions,

Note that estrogen blocks energy production, pulls albumin out of our blood through vascular leakiness, stimulates the release of destructive free fatty acids, exhausts and reduces the beta cells of the pancreas, and is elevated further by low blood sugar (which occurs when you dont consume sugars)


The right sugars won’t make you fat, but rather will improve metabolism, support the production of natural thyroid hormone, increase healthy fat  burning, provide necessary energy, reduce cravings, balance estrogen and progesterone and keep blood sugar levels stable.ripe fruits, below ground vegetables, honey, dairy products, and pure maple syrupripe fruits, below ground vegetables, honey, dairy products, and pure maple syrup

So enjoy the jewels of nature -ripe fruits, below ground vegetables, honey, dairy products, and pure maple syrup.   Note I never eat a simple sugar on its own  I always add a protein or fat to blunt the insulin response and slow the digestio.

If you want to know more about my Pro-Metabolic meal plans – which will help you burn fat, increase metabolism whilst eating deliciously, nourishing food, click the link below.

Ive done all the thinking for you and worked out the perfect macro ratio, (which is usually more carbs than protein) and the perfect timing and spacing to ensure your greatest health and body success yet,

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