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These 4 things MAY result in short term weight loss, but generally will always result in long term weight gain.  Nooooooo!  Yet, they are mistakes that are repeated over and over again by those in the pursuit of losing weight.   

When it comes to weight loss, most have it all wrong.  Are you one of the one who work so hard yet achieve so little!! And to add more pain to in this process, you are often ruining your thyroid gland heath and down regulating metabolism AND setting the scene for future weight gain.

As I often say, forcing fact loss leads to long term weight gain.  All the ProComp meal plan programs are about supporting fat loss and not forcing fat loss.   This is quite simply the healthiest, easiest, effortless way to lose body fat

Going to extreme measures to lose weight is a recipe for disaster.    Stressing the body to lose weight may work in the short term but it often results in metabolic and hormonal damage by activating the body’s stress response (cortisol). This can actually result in weight gain.  

It is important to be aware that cortisol breaks down healthy toned muscle and converts it to sugar to help balance blood sugar.

Whether you want a bikini body diet,  or just to create a great looking, healthy body then take heed of the following.   


So many in the fitness industry, 12 week challenges or health magazines will recommend eating less.   This may work in the short term, but it creates long term failure.    Low calories create a new set point by downregulating metabolic rate. Low calories also under nourishes the liver and fails to provide adequate nutrients.  Stress hormones increase when this occurs resulting in the suppression of metabolism and the thyroid gland.

Sustainable and health conscious weight loss does not need to mean eating less. It involves eating more but more of the right type of food.  The best choice is Pro-thyroid food as these choices have more nutrients.

The ProComp 12-week Pro-Metabolic Boost and Shred meal program is designed to do just that.  Each week calories are gradually increased by using a unique combination of Pro-Thyroid food.  Body fat is lost when metabolism is increased, and the body becomes nourished.   It goes against the grain and it works time and time again.


Low carbs seem to be the short-term fix everywhere I turn for weight loss problems.   Unfortunately, the short-term results delivered comes at a cost to metabolism and hormones and long-term weight gain.   

Cutting carbs depletes liver and muscle glycogen and releases copious amounts of cortisol in the process. In the presence of cortisol, most weight loss on low carb diets come from the wastage of firm muscle tissue.  Cortisol is just going to eat your muscle and leave you with more belly fat.


Intermittent fasting has gained a lot of attention and popularity.    It follows an eat and starve approach.  Whilst it may work for some, it will not work for someone struggling with metabolic issues. During the fasting period, the liver is unable to store enough glycogen to keep blood sugar levels stable.  A stress response is activated and once again we see the same down regulation of metabolism and suppression of the thyroid gland.

All the ProComp meal plan programs revolve around 3 meals and 3 snacks. The goal is to keep blood sugar levels even, metabolism soaring and energy constant.


Excessive or exhausting cardiovascular exercise is stressful to the body and raises the body’s need for energy. This is great if you are an endurance athlete fueling your body with proper nutrition and rest. Fasted cardio or any intense cardio is a recipe for metabolic damage for most of us.

Blood sugar drops during cardiovascular exercise and cortisol, adrenalin, estrogen and endotoxins rise. These hormones are antagonists to circulating the thyroid hormone T3 and result in thyroid hormones dropping.

Frequent, exhaustive exercise lowers thyroid gland functioning.

Whilst exercise can be health promoting exercise is also a stress on the body and this stress should be avoided.

A much better alternative is to train using resistance exercises. The presence of muscle increases resting metabolic.  Muscle also consumes mainly fat when it is in a resting state.

Some fascinating quotes from the research of Dr. Ray Peat.

“Intense exercise damages cells in ways that cumulatively impair metabolism. There is clear evidence that glycolysis, producing lactic acid from glucose, has toxic effects, suppressing respiration and killing cells. Within five minutes, exercise lowers the activity of enzymes that oxidize glucose. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and general aging involve increased lactic acid production and accumulated metabolic (mitochondrial) damage.”

 “Besides fasting, or chronic protein deficiency, the common causes of hypothyroidism are excessive stress or “aerobic” (i.e. anaerobic) exercise.”

“In experiments, T3 production is stopped very quickly by even “sub-aerobic” exercise, probably because of the combination of a decrease of blood glucose and an increase in free fatty acids. In a healthy person, rest will tend to restore the normal level of T3, but there is evidence that even very good athletes remain in a hypothyroid state even at rest.”

“Exercise lowers the level of thyroid hormones, partly by accelerating their breakdown.”

 “Concentric resistance training has an anabolic effect on the whole body. Sprinting is probably o.k. Endurance exercise is the worst”

Our primary goal at ProComp is to create hormonally balanced and metabolically efficient body. Healthy and lean bodies is also prioritised. We focus on reducing and minimising stress. Excessive and exhausting cardio is stressful to the body. 
Cardio increases mitochondrial damage and increases cortisol production. Excess cortisol results in fat storage. Elevated cortisol increases estrogen production. High levels of estrogen is directly linked to fat

Further compounding this, thyroid hormone drops after 30 minutes of cardio. When thyroid hormone drops, metabolism slows down.
A slow metabolism results in slow or zero fat burning

Anytime you overexert yourself physically, your thyroid gland suffers.


The whole idea of eating less and exercising more just does not work long term.

The only healthy way to lose weight is to optimize thyroid gland health and metabolic rate.  This often requires eating more…. rather than less….of the right food.  This is exactly why our Pro-Metabolic meal plans are yielding such great results.  We are nurturing your body rather than destroying it.  The plans are nourishing and not starving.

Starving and over exercising is not the answer for fat loss.   Our bodies burn more fat when at rest and not stressed.  In this way, fatty acids are released and thyroid gland health is not compromised in the process.

When approached in a healthy thyroid gland supportive way, the fat loss process is effortless!!! This leads to sustainable long-term weight loss whilst eating MORE food.

We would love to help you understand how Pro-Metabolic nutrition can help you.  Do not hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions.
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