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There is nothing worse, being drained of energy, finding it hard to get out of bed, feeling fatigued and exhausted, not having the energy to go to the gym or play with your kids, or simply just feeling blah. Low energy is very often a result of low thyroid gland functioning.  Feeling tired goes hand in hand with a slow metabolism. 

Feeling fatigued as a result of hormonal imbalances or a slow metabolism can be addressed by focusing on these 5 simple ways to increase energy. These simple, but effective methods can help get that skip back in your step, reduce the need for daytime nana naps and make bounding out of bed effortless.  They are simple strategies that do not require medication and you can start right now.

Having more energy really does make your days so much easier.  All the ProComp Pro-Metabolic meal plans include these natural strategies that will help energy soar.   Dr Ray Peat’s research focuses around improved energy production.

If you want to be fit, lean, healthy, a bikini model or just look great…then having extra energy is going to make the journey so much easier. 


I write a lot about the metabolic benefits of simple sugars.   When it comes to energy production, energy plummets when your body cannot produce or does not have enough glycogen stores from sugars.

Ripe tropical fruit contains healthy sugars that to help your body produce glycogen more efficiently and keep more fuel in your gas tank. ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plans include simple sugars from ripe tropical fruit, orange juice, raw honey or dairy products with EVERY MEAL.

I see so many people worried that the sugar from fruit is poison.  They are often concerned about diabetes and yet research concludes that the more fruit you eat, the less your risk of diabetes.

Diabetes is NOT a disease associated with too much sugar.  It is in fact a metabolic dysfunction that inhibits your body’s effective delivery of sugar to cells.

link to my recent blog about Orange Juice and weight loss


Our fat cells are made up primarily of the types of fat that is consumed. 

Consuming fats from polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs will circulate in your bloodstream and suppress metabolism.  They will also slow down energy output and reduce thyroid gland functioning.  This is a major contributing factor to tiredness and feeling sluggish.

Consuming PUFA’s a diet results in these fats being stored in fats cells.  They circulate through the bloodstream where and suppress metabolism and thyroid gland functioning. This has a direct impact on energy production and the feeling of being tired and fatigued.

I have attached a link to the blog written last week about the damaging effects of PUFA’s:

My recent blog about the negative impacts of PUFA’s

ProComp recommends saturated fats like coconut oil and butter.  These are rich in butyric acid and can be used to provide more energy by increasing the number of thyroid hormone cell receptors.


I cannot stress the numerous benefits of getting adequate sunlight to improve hormonal synthesis.  It also improves circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and as soon as the sun hits the retina of the eye, energy instantly improves energy.

There a significant amount of research concluding how effective red light therapy can be for those who get little sunlight.  It also improves hypothyroidism and energy production.

Sunlight, or red light, activates an important energy cycle enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase.  This increases the amount of ATP adenosine triphosphate or ATP, in the tissue.  ATP is the best source of energy production. The more ATP available in your body, the more energized you will feel.


Magnesium deficiency is directly linked to low thyroid hormone production and is linked to low energy.

When thyroid hormone conversion is low, an increased cortisol production results that further depletes your body of magnesium and robs the body of energy.  Eating a Pro-Metabolic diet improves thyroid hormone conversion is a fabulous way to increase ATP in cells and bolster energy.

In order for ATP to be used in the body effectively, it must bind to magnesium.

All of ProComp’s meal plans contain large amounts of magnesium from magnesium rich foods such as oranges and meats.

We also recommend the use of Epsom salt baths as a therapeutic way of getting more magnesium or applying magnesium oil to the skin.


This is a complicated function and absolutely necessary for energy production    Carbon dioxide is thought of as a waste byproduct of breathing.  It actually plays a significant role in keeping metabolism firing and energy high.  When stressed or experiencing low thyroid hormone conversion, the body is depleted of carbon dioxide.

Research has shown fatigue is strongly correlated with this rise in carbon dioxide production.   A simple way to improve carbon dioxide retention and preventing the lack of energy associated with it is perform bag breathing

When breathing in and out of a paper bag, higher concentrations of carbon dioxide are breathed back in.  When experiencing significant stress and struggling with metabolic issues, bag breathing on and off for a few minutes at a time is highly recommended. It helps consuming enough carbon dioxide to significantly result in a therapeutic effect.

Alternatively ½ tsp. of baking soda can help release carbon dioxide once it connects with stomach acid. 

Many international athletes supplement with baking soda during training as the increase in carbon dioxide helps produce even more energy while preventing muscular fatigue.

We would love to hear from you so reach out, connect and do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily recommend the most suitable Pro-Metabolic meal plans to help create a great looking and healthy body.

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