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(that will also help increase metabolism, balance hormones and blood sugar levels)

I often get asked what to snack on. To stay lean and hormonally balanced snacks are just as important as meals. It is important to eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels even and to ensure the body’s metabolism is firing and in a constant fat burning, muscle building state.

The right combinations of food at the right time will determine your metabolic rate, health, energy, hormones, and what your body looks like. Nutrition is paramount for health and for effortless fat burning. Snacks are just as important as training, sleeping and main meals.

The right Pro-Thyroid snack can help keep your body balanced and increase metabolic rate, which in turn increases fat burning.  Snacking on the wrong food can be associated with bloating, digestive issues, and the slowing down of metabolism (fat burning) and can cause energy mood fluctuations. 

ProComps Pro-Metabolic Meal Plan Programs

ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs are made up of 3 main meals and 3 snacks, every one perfectly balanced macros to keep blood sugar levels even and a unique combination of Pro-thyroid food to ensure metabolism is firing and fat can be burnt.   They are based upon the research of endocrinologist Dr Ray Peat.

Each week of the meal Plan programs we provide two entirely different meal plans and each week there is ether a simple to grab option or a recipe for those who like to cook.

This is an ideal way to eat if you want to achieve a beach body, bikini body or just feel great in your own skin.   It is also an optimal way to eat to boost thyroid hormone functioning, and create a balanced healthy body


Such as cherries and ricotta, pears and parmesan, watermelon and feta, pineapple and cottage cheese, grapes and parmigiano regganio.

Fruit and cheese provide a perfect balance of natural sugar, salt, protein, saturated fat and calcium. Calcium is a bonus! Calcium helps break down brown fat cells and This snack optimises metabolism, reduces paraythyroid stress hormones and keeps blood sugar even.


Easy, delicious and a completely balanced meal.

Yoghurt and raw honey provides a great source of protein, carbohydrates, simple sugars and fats. High calcium foods also help to break down brown fat and are great for reducing stress hormones.  If Im after a bit more protein I simply add a tablespoon of gelatin


The natural sugars in fresh orange juice, when added to glycine rich gelatin, is metabolism boosting, stress busting and an estrogen reducing snack. This is even more so when a pinch of salt is added (to reduce cortisol)  . Great for pre or post workouts to immediately reduce cortisol.  Sodium and simple sugars are more hydrating than water on its own.

4. QUALITY CHOCOLATE – with no additives/chemicals.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I often recommend chocolate in the nutrition plans I write. A few squares (20-40g) can help keep blood sugars in a good range and provide the body with pro-thyroid minerals such as magnesium, healthy saturated fats and digestible sugars. ProComp recommends Alto-Eco chocolate from most good health food stores or Lindt Excellence chocolate.


Protein, fats and simple sugars – this is such a perfect Pro-Metabolic meal! Organic free-range eggs have so many nutrients. They are also great for hormonal balance. The Vitamin A contained in eggs is necessary for the synthesis of progesterone which will help reduce excess estrogen (which is responsible for cellulite and fat storage on hips, butts and thighs)

.Be sure to salt eggs well to help reduce cortisol. The ripe tropical fruit provides the simple sugars to support T4 to T3 thyroid hormone conversion which adds that bonus of a boost to metabolic rate.  Win win .

The ProComp Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs

The ProComp Pro-Metabolic meal plans have a huge variety of Pro-Thyroid, metabolism boosting, fat burning snacks.  All the meal plans are 3 main meals and 3 snacks.  Though if due to work or lifestyle issues 6 meals cannot be eaten it is recommended to combine a snack with each meal.

Amazing results are being achieved with particularly the boost and shred 12 week meal plan program even after 1 week

We also provide personalised nutrition plans custom to suit your needs, goals, health, metabolism, lifestyle, like and dislikes.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how Pro-Metabolic Nutrition can help you get leaner, whilst eating more food and delicious, non traditional fitness/bodybuilding food.

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