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SERIOUSLY, is this the missing piece of the PUZZLE?

Wow!  The research how this one nutrient can help weight loss and inflammation blows my mind!

Science is constantly evolving and as coaches its essential to no longer rely on bro science but on evidence based research on how to BALANCE HORMONES AND LOSE BODY FAT. 

It is now known that inflammation and hormonal imbalances can lead to metabolic issues and subsequent weight gain.  How can the ProComp Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs help.


Dr. Dandona is a professor at the State University of New York. Dr. Dandona also heads the diabetic-endocrinology Centre.  A few year ago he studied how the body responded to…. specifically…. processed junk food – and lets be honest, in this world of processed food who doesn’t down the occasional (or more than occasional) not so healthy food.

 Volunteers of healthy, normal weight subjects were provided breakfast from a fast food outlet. The breakfast consisted of an egg sandwich with cheese and ham, a sausage muffin and two hash browns. 


  • Levels of inflammation shot up literally within minutes. “I was shocked,” he recalls, “that a simple fat food meal that seems harmless enough would have such a dramatic effect.” The breakfast provided to the subjects was typical of high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal that 1 in 4 Americans eats regularly.
  • INFLAMMATION can cause so much collateral damage and has long been recognized as a feature of metabolic syndrome leading to WEIGHT GAIN.
  • Inflammation causes a cluster of dysfunctions that tends to precede full-blown diabetes.
  • Inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and even dementia.
  • The subjects experienced elevated blood sugar and high blood pressure, low “good” cholesterol, and an abdominal cavity filled with fat.  This is often referred to as a “beer belly’.


Various foods have been tested on the immune system. Fast-food breakfasts cause inflammation.  In contrast, there have been studies and research that has shown that a breakfast with lots of fruit does not cause inflammation. In fact, it has been shown to REDUCE inflammation.

A breakthrough was discovered with this research:

In summary, researchers discovered that sugar water, a stand in for soda, caused inflammation.

Contrary to this, even though orange juice contains high levels of sugars, it DID NOT lead to inflammation and the resulting weight gain.

Researchers were so fascinated the benefits of orange juice that they carried out subsequent studies around the world.

They even had freshly squeezed orange juice flown in for studies and research!!!!!


In a subsequent study, the same subjects drank a glass of fresh orange juice along with the fast food breakfast with one-third of the volunteers.  The non-juice drinkers, half of whom drank sugar water, and the other half plain water, had the expected response—inflammation and elevated blood sugar.     

Contrary to this, the orange juice drinkers did not experience elevated blood sugar or inflammation. IT SEEMED THAT ORANGE JUICE ACTED AS A SHIELD TO PROTECT METABOLISM and INFLAMMATION.

“It just switched off the whole damn thing,” Dr. Dandona quotes.

Other studies have since confirmed that orange juice has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


With this in mind, let’s not forget that ProComp’s goal is to create a great looking, lean body. We also aim for healthy and vibrant clients and athletes.  It is also important to remember that inflammation is the number one factor towards obesity and weight gain.    Which is why it is an essential part of ProComp Meal plans.

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, beneficial flavonoids and a small amount of fibre.  All of these factors may be directly anti-inflammatory.


Scientists also discovered another substance. This discovery has a great interest to us as coaches as it helps clients create great looking, lean bodies. The subjects that ate just the fast food breakfast had increased blood levels of endotoxins.  Endotoxins are also linked to increased estrogen.   This molecule comes from the outer walls of certain bacteria. If endotoxin levels rise, the immune system perceives a threat and responds with inflammation. 

Somehow, a greasy meal full of refined carbohydrates ushered endotoxins from the gut directly into the bloodstream.  This then caused inflammation. ORANGE JUICE STOPPED THIS PROCESS COLD IN IT’S TRACKS.  

Ongoing experiments are now confirming what many scientists have suspected for years. It is actually the type of food consumed and how it affects the intestinal microbes that impacts inflammation, metabolism, allergic disorders and weight gain.

Inflammation is linked to many insidious conditions affecting health.  Inflammation reduces metabolic rate and increases fat and weight gain.    Once inflammation is addressed and arrested, most of these dysfunctions are reduced or eliminated.

Some food choices are directly inflammatory on our cells.  Inflammation also reduces metabolism whilst other foods do the opposite and reduce inflammation and protect cells.

PROCOMP’S PRO-METABOLIC NUTRITION PLANS FOCUS ON THE REDUCTION OF INFLAMMATION.  Our food recommendations select a number of different, and at times, unique food choices. 

Containing an abundance of natural sugar, this also explains why orange juice possesses no inflammatory effects when compared to the same calorie quantity of sugar water.  Flavonoids, other phytochemicals, vitamins, and the small amount of fiber orange juice contains are protective against inflammation.   

Pulp free orange juice is one of ProComp’s staple food choices in all Pro-Metabolic Nutrition plans.


  • inflammation precedes weight gain. 
  • Junk food and poor food choices increase inflammation. 
  • Anti-inflammatory selections of safe foods (ie orange juice) may provide protection from the unending cycle of postprandial and cumulative inflammation.
  • Selecting Pro-Metabolic food choices may lower the risk of atherosclerosis and resistance to insulin. This means that orange juice has no negative affect on inflammation when consumed on its own.  It also reduces, or even eliminates, the inflammation caused by a high fat, high carbohydrate meal.

“This potent effect of orange juice is probably attributable to its flavonoids, naringenin and hesperidin because they exert a significant ROS suppressive effect.”

Orange juice or fructose intake does not induce oxidative and inflammatory response
. Diabetes Care 2007;
30: 1406, 11

if you have any questions about how ProComps Pro-Metabolic Meal plans could help you please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to provide our recommendations

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