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55 years. Shift Worker. Australian

I was originally the support crew for my beautiful partner and wife Lee who engaged Cheryl and later ProComp to look after her nutrition and training. Both Lee and I loved the gym, training and how it made us look and feel. I watched my lovely wife commit to the ProComp Coaching program and she adopted the Pro-Metabolic nutrition system. Her changes were absolutely phenomenal and she was looking better and better each week. I was so proud of her commitment and progress and her transformation was amazing to watch.

I was more than happy to be her support and do my own thing in the gym and eat the traditional way. Competing was not something that I wanted to do as I prefer to stay low profile and just to do my own thing quietly without fuss.

I met the ProComp coaches Cheryl and Blair with my wife and they surprised me when they mentioned that I had quite a physique and that I should step on stage. Again, this thought had never crossed my mind and it was not something that I wanted to or was comfortable doing. The thought of it was quite challenging to me to be completely honest.

Being a shift worker also played on my mind as I would often do very long shifts with a combination of days, afternoon and night shifts. It was also a senior role with a good deal of responsibility. I was also very happy with my traditional meal plans and protein powders.

I then took the plunge and started working with Cheryl and Blair from ProComp and the food was nothing like I had experienced before.

I was always in pretty good shape and I was happy with that………and then something changed.

The benefits I noticed from the Pro-Metabolic food were incredible

The Pro-Metabolic food was actually really good once I started and I noticed really great benefits immediately. My strength in the gym started to go up and my measurements started to drop. This made no sense as my calories keep climbing and climbing and yet I was getting stronger and leaner and leaner.

We were able to continue to increase my calories to 4500 a day and I only got leaner!

At one point my calories were up to 4,500 calories per day and I was not getting fat!!!!! I started to toy with the idea of stepping on stage and it still just wasn’t for me. It was just something that I was not comfortable with. It wasn’t until I had a frank conversation with the coaches that I believed that I could do it and then it was full steamed ahead.

I subsequently stepped on stage and competed twice. I really enjoyed the experience and am so glad that I have done it. I am still training in the gym and using ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic nutrition system.

I have never felt healthier or happier in my own skin

I have never felt healthier or happier in my own skin. I love Pro-Metabolic nutrition and thank Cheryl and Blair for believing in me.

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