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40 years PRO Bikini Model. Thai. Mother of 2 and business owner.

I won my PRO card in the Bikini model division in 2017 at the Ms Galaxy International where I represented Thailand.  At this show I met the ProComp team and Cheryl and Blair.   They are really passionate about what they do and they welcomed me as part of their team.

Being a PRO bikini model I can only compete at international shows in PRO Divisions.  This means I’m standing on stage against the best bikini models in the world.    These girls are tight, small, and have amazing bodies.     I set my sights at competing in Shanghai, China at the Intercontinental Cup in March 2109 and I decided if I wanted to be my best so I would use experienced international coaches, Blair and Cheryl from ProComp.

I knew i needed to be smaller and tighter to place in a PRO lineup so I sought coaching from ProComp. Totally changed my nutrition and achieved my smallest and best bikini body yet.

We changed a lot of my food so it would align with Pro-Metabolic nutrition

I have lots of food insensitivities and I have a lung condition which means I need to take optimal care of my health.  I can’t believe how well this approach it worked.

I didn’t bloat, I ate fruit and rice every day and I came in the best condition I have ever been.   I placed 3rd in the PRO division Bikini line-up against about 20 other PROFESSIONAL bikini models from all over the world.  And it was a close top 3.   I came away with price money and I was stoked.   I’m now thinking about collaborating with ProComp to create a Pro-Metabolic cook book for Thai people.   

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