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51 years. Mother and wife. Business Owner

I had followed Cheryl’s posts for a while before I finally contacted her.  At the age of 50 I decided to do my first competition.    I knew from what I had read that I didn’t want to ruin my metabolism and that I had to be careful of my hormones.   My husband and I have been training for years and I wanted to show women that 50 is the new 30.  

Cheryl and Blair were fantastic.  They explained what Pro-Metabolic nutrition was every week they INCREASED MY calories from food that  improved my metabolism, gave me more energy, I lost body fat, and built muscle

The scales for the first 6 months did not change much, but my waist got smaller, and my shoulders started looking more athletic, my legs starting taking shape and my husband noticed my butt was looking pretty darn good.   So as I was eating MORE food, I was losing fat and putting on muscle and I was looking better and better. 

My energy soared and before long even the young guys in the gym were noticing how much weight I was lifting. 

I was able to get super lean and looking amazing without doing hardly any cardio, because I spent the first 8 months committed to the process of the (boost phase) and increasing my metabolism. The did exactly what Cheryl land Blair says it will do,  It set me up to lose body fat effortlessly ,

I’m from a small community and I’ve become a role model to so many.   It has been a lifestyle for me, its not an overnight fix, but I’m so glad I found this approach as I look the best Ive ever looked and I haven’t had to ruin my health, hormones or metabolism to get here.

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