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I met Cheryl back stage at a show in Los Angeles and was blown away by her enthusiams, passion and her love for her clients.  We immediately clicked – as we share a similar energy and positive outlook.

So when it was next time for me to do a comp prep and lose some body fat, I knew I wanted ProComp to coach me.     Cheryl and Blair have also seen my potential and always believed in me. 

Ive always struggled with emotional eating and sticking to a diet…….but Pro-Metabolic nutrition changed all of this

To be honest I’ve always struggled with emotional eating and sticking to a diet has never been easy.  I could do it a few days but would then fall off the wagon.   Pro-Metabolic nutrition changed all of this.  The food was delicious.  I was eating sugars from fruit, chocolate milk, quality chocolate, orange juice, rice pudding.    I no longer craved anything else.  This made the world of difference.   Finally, a plan that was easy to stick too.  A plan with foods that I have always thought taboo.  A balanced plan

My energy was great.  For once I didn’t bloat.   I slept well and I no longer felt stressed about dieting.   It actually become easier. 

When i started with ProComp I was eating 1200 cals and now I maintain on 2000 calories a day

When I started with ProComp I was only barely surviving on like 1200 calories but as I boosted my metabolism with Pro-Metabolic food we got my daily calorie point to 2000 and I got leaner.  

I’ve since done 2 shows with ProComp with Cheryl and Blair as my coach, Mexico in 2017 and then Germany in 2018.     2019 is here and I cant wait to see what we will do next.

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