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35 Years. Belgium. Gym Manager

What an amazing journey this has been so far!    15 years of dedication, focus, training and monitoring my nutrition.  I really thought I had reached my potential physically and mentally….and I was wrong.

Halfway through January Cheryl approached me to consider competing in March at the WFF Pro-Am Inter continental Cup Shanghai, China. This was a massive dream of mine to compete on stage.  I previously already been dieting and thought I was in pretty good hspae and 7 weeks out I committed to the show and ProComp turned my nutrition and training on its head and challenged my belief.

I completely changed my diet to a Pro-Metabolic diet – this was like nothing Id ever eaten before

My diet was changed to Pro-Metabolic nutrition, by Cheryl and Blair and this was the most significant change that has occurred in 15years. My previous nutrition consisted of a very strict diet with only black rice and kangaroo meat and I was always happy with great results but little did I know there was way more potential untouched.

I enjoyed every meal again under the Pro-Metabolic nutritional framework, and was eating delicious and healthy food like sourdough, eggs, cheese and orange juice for breakfast,  to rice, beef, chicken, tropical fruit, yogurt, honey,…

My trained was also changed from my ooohhh so beloved workout that I had been previously doing for years routine I was doing for years. I felt absolutely amazing and boy, the results in 6 weeks’ time were incredible. My Body fat dropped to the lowest it has ever been with zero cardio!!!

I achieved the best shape of life EVER!!!!

I achieved the best shape of my life EVER!!!  I competed in Shanghai and placed 4th at an international show in bodybuilding and the next day backed in up with a silver model runner up in Male Sports Model in my very first comp EVER!!!

Having Cheryl and Blair as coaches is more than someone behind you with a whip and angry face!   They challenged and pushed to be my best became friends, even family to me. After my great results in Shanghai we are know working towards the WFF Southern Hemisphere competition in May 2019.  I know having the best two coaches and friends behind me gives me all the motivation and drive to go back for a top 3 place, even to get a first place!

Thank you again for taking me on board you two beautiful souls and let’s smash the WFF Southerns together! Xxx

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