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41 years Gym Owner. Mother of 2. Canadian. Hypothyroid sufferer and estrogen dominant

I was in a state of hormonal and metabolic disaster when I approached Cheryl and Blair.  I have been an athlete my entire life. I’ve always kept myself fit, strong and healthy.   I had competed successfully before and I currently own and run a thriving gym.   

I had low thyroid functioning and excess estrogen. I could not get lean

Due to my low thyroid functioning and my high estrogen levels, I was having so much trouble losing body fat from my hips and butt.   My energy was low, I was getting cellulite where I never had it before, I would retain water as a direct result of my menstrual cycle, and then I started to experience food allergies.   

I trained and did hours of cardio a day.

To make matters worse, I would very train and I would do cardio. Even with this I could not budge the weight off my lower body.

I had previously followed Cheryl’s research and wanted to give ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic nutritional system a try to help as nothing had worked.  I needed to improve my thyroid gland functioning and reduce excess estrogen so that I could lose body fat and compete as a figure athlete once again.

It hasn’t been easy but with Pro-Metabolic nutrition and balancing of hormones i was able to lose weight

It hasn’t all been easy. (I have a busy gym, I live on a farm and have two young children.  Whilst my hormonal issue are ongoing, when I started Pro-Comps Pro-Metabolic nutrition   was able to lose body fat and improve many aspects of my health. I was also able to get back on stage where I won a figure division in Singapore at an International event.

The food is amazing.

The food is amazing.   It is not like any traditional diet.   I then went on to compete with ProComp in Germany at the European Championships in 2018 and came second my class.

Considering the hormonal challenges that I experience I achieved goals using Pro-Metabolic nutrition and the strategies recommended by my coaches at ProComp, Cheryl and Blair.  

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