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46years. Office Manager

I’ve spent my adult life enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle and have managed to maintain my figure. From the individual sport of running (my first love), to cycling, to more group orientated sessions of the bootcamps/F45/crossfit. I love the learning, the completion and positivity gained from them all.

It was getting harder and harder to get and stay lean, so I kept reducing calories

What I noticed in the last few years, is that even though I was exercising my body was struggling to maintain it’s shape. So I did what most people do, I reduced my calories, kept increasing exercise frequency and duration minimal benefit. I knew that I had to try something different! So… I set myself a goal to get on stage in 2019.

ProComp came recommended by a family member who competes and is involved in the health and fitness industry. From the initial consultation to the week by week reviews the interaction has been supportive, informative and always positive.

ProComp takes a holistic approach to health and fitness

Under the coaching and guidance of Blair and Cheryl I am learning a more holistic approach to health and fitness. There are a few key points of difference that stand out for me in how things are done;

• As someone that had never followed a nutrition plan/diet before I realised  that the process was easier than I expected.  Pro-Metabolic nutrition recommends normal food with no elaborate preparation or expensive items.  I was so amazed that as I increased my calories my weight and fat decreased!

• Having my training plan tailored to a home gym was important for me and they did just that for me.  They custom designed my training to best suit my body and the equipment I had at home.   I watched my body transform each week. Losing 7.6kg and 7% body fat in 20 weeks and not starving myself just made the experience so positive;

• Sleep and stress is something I never really paid too much attention to and my coaches helped me to understand the impact it had on my results.  Stress is just part of my life and simply being aware and actively monitoring it means that a strategy can be put a place to manage;

I love the science behind Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and the changes in my body and health. This has now become a lifestyle for me

I continuing with this amazing program all year and I will be doing something I’ve never done before. I love the science behind Pro-Metabolic nutrition and I love the aesthetics of a strong, fit looking body. I am committed and invested to discover the very best version of me.

I have achieved a lean, fit, chiseled body.  I now look the best I ever have in my life.  It actually felt like it should have been harder to achieve the results I have so far!!

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