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To be honest I’ve struggled my entire life with my weight, digestion issues and bowel health.  I’ve ALWAYS eaten well and ALWAYS worked hard.  WE have a busy life and lots to juggle.   

I have struggled my entire life and tried everything

I had tried previous fitness diets, low calories, fasting, 5:2, low carbs  – sometimes it’d work for a little while but it was never sustainable.   If I lost weight, I’d feel exhausted and my health would flare up.    Then I’d come undone.

Pro-Metabolic solution was the perfect solution. We even cut out daily cardio and I still got lean

Cheryl understood where I was at.  And Pro-Metabolic Nutrition was the perfect solution.  The first thing we did was reduce then cut out cardio.  To my surprise my weight DID not change.   I was so happy.  I was doing 1 hr on the treadmill every morning before the kids got up. Cheryl encouraged me to use the free time to read, journal, meditate.  This has been an important part of the process for me, nourishing my mind, reducing my stress, improving my sleep and providing my body with what it needs. Then we started manipulating my calories, gradually eating more Pro-thryoid food, food that I could easily digest, finding the balance.

I ended up losing 15kgs and winning my division \ at the Commonwealth Classic in the figure.  I was stoked.   I am a remarkable strong and disciplined person, but with my personal health issues I never would have thought this possible without Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and the support of Cheryl and Blair.

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