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Even though Im young, Ive always struggled with cellulite and being estrogen dominant

Even though I’m young I’ve always struggled with cellulite and excess fat on my thighs.   I have always been prone to being estrogen dominant,  I have spent so many years on diets and as a result I ended up developing an unhealthy relationships with food and stuffing up my metabolism.  

I’m young.  I want to look healthy, fit and be able to wear a bikini to the beach.  Ive never been able to do that. No matter what I did I could not budge the cellulite on my thighs.

These photos were taken 4 weeks after starting the Pro-Metabolic Boost and Shred plan

These photos were taken when I started the Pro-Metabolic plan and then again only 4 weeks later.    Cheryl started me on a Pro-Metabolic hormonal balancing nutrition plan to balance estrogen to progesterone.  She explained to me how cellulite is a hormonal condition

As well as implement a hormonally balancing nutrition plan we also worked on lifestyle strategies to reduce excess estrogen and increase thyroid functioning to improve my sluggish metabolism     Each week my calories were increased whilst at the same time my cardio was decreasing.  I never would have thought such an approach would work.  ProComp advised me to do less cardio and more weight training. 

I have been very diligent and consistent with the Pro-Metabolic plan and WOW my results are phenomenal   In just under 4 weeks vie lost 3.2kgs and 6cm from my waist and as you can see from the photographs the visual improvements on my thighs is just astonishing.     IM so excited to continue to eat this way.  I feel my life has changed.

All my body needed was a nutritional strategy to repair my metabolism and balance my hormones

All my body needed was a nutritional strategy to repair my metabolism and balance my hormones.  I used gelatin as per ProComps recommendation to improve my skin elastic.      The Pro-thyroid food I now eat is sour dough toast with eggs and cheese, ripe tropical fruit, orange juice, cheese., yoghurt, seafood, chocolate milk, grass fed beef with potato and butter. 

Of course I had Dr Peats Carrot Salad every day as the Pro-Metabolic manual attached with the meal plans explain how the carrot salad is an excellent hormonal balancing food and helps reduce excess estrogen.   I also followed the advice to increase calcium for stubborn brown fat.  

Its all layed out so easy to read in the manual that is attached to the meal plan programs.

To stay I am stoked is an understatement.

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