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24 years. Student. Australian.

When I contacted Cheryl, well I was overweight.  This was so frustrating as I was hardly eating any food, maybe 900 calories a day, yet I could not budge my weight

I had previously done a bikini model comp using a traditional low cal and high cardio approach and suffered such rebound weight gain – and then I couldnt budge it.

I had previously done a bikini model competition and used the traditional low calorie and high cardio approach (and a tonne of supplements).  Sure I got in great shape….BUT then the rebound weight gain occurred from the metabolic damage I suffered from the extreme dieting.  

I’m a personal trainer so I felt so embarrassed.  NO matter what I did I hardly changed.

With Pro-Metabolic Nutrition I went from 900 calories a day to 2400 calories – and still got leaner

Cheryl explained to me that Pro-Metabolic nutrition was about increasing metabolism and therefore gradually increasing calories from the RIGHT food.  It felt incredulous at first, but it worked.    I gradually got leaner and leaner, whilst eating MORE and more food.   We even included 100g of natural (LICK) ice-cream each night

I then went on to compete and win my division at the international Ms Galaxy and well I’m pretty happy with how I looked.  My plan the entire time included orange juice and yoghurts and fruit.   Im a student and have two part time jobs so I needed a meal plan that was easy to prepare.   It was great food to eat. And this time because I didn’t destroy my metabolism I didn’t put weight back on. 

Im so glad Ive found the way to get lean without destroying my metabolism or hormones

Im now helping others look and feel great, and have even modelled some sports clothing for a fashion company.   Im so glad I found this approach.

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