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34 years. Mother of 2. Beauty Therapist. Deaf (courageous)

I have travelled the world with Blair and Cheryl as part of their ProComp team.  I competed in Mexico, and Singapore in 2017, and New Zealand, Sydney and Germany in 2018.   This has been an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunities to travel .

“Ive achieved world class conditioning at world titles as a result of Pro-Metabolic Nutrition”

I’ve achieved incredible world class conditioning and have consistently been a finalist in international competitions as a result of ProComps Pro-Metabolic nutrition. As a figure competitor I need to have low body fat with a nice muscle base. Combined with my Modere Products this nutritional framework has helped me to balance my excess estrogen, which was problematic to my lower body getting lean.  As a result of an estrogen dominant body I would always have challenged budging fat from my hips and butt.  This approach has been the only metod that has works.  

No bloating, delicious food, easy to plan.

I had no bloating, it was delicious food, easy to plan, and it’s been a breeze

I have also struggled with a slow metabolism and the combination of Pro-Metabolic nutrition and modere vitamins / pre workouts I have burned fat at an astonishing pace.  

Once I had the right nutrition and right supplements in place, everything fell into line – and it actually was not hard

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