• Induce gains and break plateaus by reducing the body’s adaption mechanisms to ensure constant improvement.
  • Recent research has shown that when you structure the set and rep protocols in a vastly different manner in each session is (called undulating periodisation) it has proven to be especially effective in inducing maximum strength gains, when compared to traditional linear training models.
  • Undulating periodisation is a variable rep training program which reduces adaption and plateaus. You will train each body part at least twice a week, each session your rep ranges change and you will not do the same workout for at least two weeks. This has to be one of the best programs for anyone who has hit a strength plateau as research has continued to show this type of program results in significant strength increases compared to traditional body part splits.
  • There are 9 training sessions in this program so it can be performed over either a 2-week (4 + 5 training sessions) or 3 week (3 + 3 + 3 training sessions) period. This program can be repeated three times giving you a 6 week or 9 week training block. Day one all exercises are performed for 5 reps, day 2 for 15 reps and day 3 you work in 10 rep range – hence the title undulating periodisation.
  • Your workload for each exercise focuses on about 30 quality reps. So on 5 rep days you perform 6 sets per exercise and on 10 rep days you will be doing 3 sets. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets on low rep days. Rest only as needed to recover on higher rep days. You will need to adjust your weights according to the rep range, lifting heavier on 5 rep days then 15 rep days. Record the weight you lift so that your second cycle you can aim to improve.
  • If you have reached a strength plateau, or are in need of a change, this training program may be just what your body needs.


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