• ProComp’s Volume training program is a program done 3 days per week.
  • It is a perfect introduction to good quality training for beginners, athletes that are time poor and for athletes getting back into resistance weight training after an injury or lay off.
  • The program is best performed as one training day followed by a rest day for best results. Most athletes choose Monday, Wednesday and Fridays as the preferred option.
  • The program has a small to moderate amount of basic compound exercises that are the basis of most solid training plans. Isolation exercises have then been added for shape and balance at the end of each program.
  • As the title suggests this is a high volume training program with lots of sets. This Is not a power program, you are to work at building muscle through volume. So keep working. If you haven’t finished your program after 60minutes, leave it there for the day.
  • Reps vary between 8-12 rep ranges. Weight should be increased with each set for effective muscle overload and tone.
  • Muscle to mind connection and contractions are to be performed at all times with each rep.
  • Recovery between sets should be approximately 60 seconds.


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