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Its lousy to feel tired all the time, even some of the time it sucks.  Who doesn’t want to bound out of bed and get through the day without dreaming of nana naps.    Our energy is our most vital important resource.  It is the key to everything – motivation, productivity, joy, great relationships, a positive mind and so much more.

When metabolism is slow, fatigue and blahness follow

Here are 5 easy strategies to BOOST YOUR MOOD, INCREASE ENERGY and get that skip back into your step.

Having more energy really does make your day so much better, actually it makes everything better.  All my Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs. are created around nutrients that will improve energy production. Improving thyroid hormone conversion will improve energy unbelievably.   My Pro-Metabolic meal plans all include nutrition and unique combinations of food that will help energy soar.

No matter what you do each day, when you have loads of energy and are feeling awesome EVERYTHING is much easier, more enjoyable, and youll live your best self.


I write a lot about the metabolic benefits of natural simple sugars.   Because when it comes to energy production, if your body does not have enough glycogen (sugars), your energy will plummet.

This is why endurance athletes carb load before an event – as they are going to need a tonne of glycogen for a constant supply of energy.

Ripe tropical fruit, contains healthy sugars that are known to help your body produce glycogen more efficiently to keep more fuel in your gas tank.   Carbohydrates are the fuel your body runs on.   Cut these out and see how quickly you fade.

Every Pro-Metabolic meal plan I write will include simple sugars from either ripe fruit, OJ, raw honey or dairy products with EVERY MEAL


COCONUT OIL has been found to support thyroid gland functioning by allowing more thyroid hormone to be secreted.  This increases metabolic rate, ENERGY and fat burning.

Coconut oil contains ketones that can be burned in place of sugar.  It therefore provides IMMEDIATE ENERGY.  I always find this fascinating – when consuming coconut oil, our body responds with increased energy as if carbs have been consumed.  This does not cause an insulin response or impact blood sugar levels.  Coconut oil goes straight to the liver and does not get stored as fat like other fats.  Win win .

Consuming coconut oil can DECREASE APPETITE, which is super helpful when dieting.

Coconut oil protects your body from external factors that can suppress thyroid gland functioning.  Optimal thyroid gland conversion will make you feel like you are a super hero in your own Marvel adventure.


I cannot stress the numerous benefits of getting adequate sunlight to improve hormonal synthesis, improve circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and instantly (as soon as the sun hits the retina of you eye) IMPROVE ENERGY.  This is the most effective way to start your day when you wake.

There is also a lot of research of late proving how effective red light therapy can be for those who get little sunlight and to improve hypothyroidism and energy production.

Scientists has found that sunlight or red light activates an important energy cycle enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase, which increases the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in your tissue.  ATP is the best source of energy production and the more ATP you have available the more energized you will feel.


Magnesium deficiency is directly linked to low thyroid production which is linked to low energy.

When thyroid hormone conversion is low, it results in increased cortisol production which further depletes your body of magnesium, and further robs you of energy.

As mentioned above the amount of ATP in our cells will determine how much energy we have. This is where it get interesting – In order for our body to use ATP effectively it needs to be bound to magnesium.   If you are deficient in magnesium, ATP will be low – and bam you’ll want to spend all your free time – netflixing and chilling.

All Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs intentionally contain great amounts of magnesium from magnesium rich foods such as oranges and meats – as magnesium is essential for ATP, fat burning, energy and thyroid hormone conversion.

I also recommend the use of Epsom salt baths as a therapeutic way of getting more magnesium or applying magnesium oil to your skin.


This is a little less known hack.

Carbon Dioxide is necessary for energy production    Carbon dioxide is often only thought of as a waste byproduct of breathing.  But it actually plays a significant role in keeping your metabolism firing and your energy high.  When you are stressed or have low thyroid hormone conversion it depletes your body of carbon dioxide too.

Research has shown fatigue to be strongly correlated with a rise in carbon dioxide production.   A simple way to improve carbo dioxide retention and prevent the lack of energy that goes with it is through bag breathing

By breathing in and out of a paper bag you breath back in a higher concentration of carbon dioxide.  If you are under a lot of stress and struggling with metabolic issues bag breathing on and off for a few minutes at a time is recommended to reconsume enough carbon dioxide to have a therapeutic effect.  This is also a great hack to help you fall asleep at night or to easy anxiety.

Useful tip: Alternatively ½ tsp of baking soda can help release carbon dioxide when it connects with stomach acid.

Interesting fact: Many international athletes will supplement with baking soda during training because the increase in carbon dioxide helps them to produce even more energy while preventing muscular fatigue.


My Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs have been designed to increase metabolism which will increase energy.  We are meant to live lives full of vitality and spritz!

Id love to hear from you if you have any questions on how to make this work for you

There is a superhero inside us all.   We just need the energy to put on the cape.

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