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Its been sooooo long since Ive posted anything to either my blog or social media….Especially anything of a personal nature….So to all those who have enquired, its lovely to be missed and heres a little about what I have been doing

I’ve been offline from social media as I’ve had an incredible opportunity to further my therapeutic knowledge, specialising in Trauma Counselling whilst working alongside the most brilliant therapists in Australia.

In conjunction I’ve immersed wholeheartedly into expanding my therapeutic knowledge and experience with further psychological studies.

This has enabled me to be part of ground-breaking conversations, to access up to date research and practice,  and given me experiences to understand more about human behaviour, the impact of trauma, emotions, personality, why we hurt or struggle, fail or succeed.

Holding space for someone’s experience of pain and suffering, to offer acceptance and healing is truly powerful work.

At the same time I’ve continued to refine my business – Metabolic Life, and ofcourse Im still working as an international Pro-Metabolic nutrition coach, researching and writing – as helping people heal from metabolic and hormonal issues with nutrition has always been and will continue to be a passion for me.

I’ve continued to increase my knowledge as a psychotherapist with an International RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) qualification –  which combines CBT, Neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience, cellular biology, traditional psychology and elements of hypnosis.

It’s a revolutionary, science backed therapeutic approach that I am excited to add to my professional practice.  This has personally enabled me to expand my own consciousness, and to explore my unconscious ways of thinking and behaving, which has been a catalyst for exponential growth.

My life with Arron has continued to evolve – oh how I adore this man, my remarkable children are now young adults and forging incredible lives –  Emmalea is a school chaplain with a business and journalism degree and Zac has recently qualified as an Electrician.  Both remarkable humans who I am so proud of.    And the last 2 years we’ve had some utterly fabulous getaways throughout the beautiful state of Queensland where we live.

I’ve taken time to breath and pause – and found healing and inspiration in stillness.  I’ve reconnected with my creativity and my love for my paint palette and brushes, my passion to play music once again has been aroused (thanks to my hugely talented singer/songwriter partner) and our family has been blessed with vitality and good health.

Whilst I’ve spent a lifetime helping people achieve spectacular body transformations with Pro-Metabolic nutrition, (because it is the only nutritional system that delivers optimal health, hormonal balance, and weight loss without cutting calories.) – I now feel even more aligned with my purpose, and thrilled to add a cutting edge therapy model, embracing the subconscious mind as well as the physical body, the emotional as well as the thinking, nutrition and lifestyle, and combining it all as a comprehensive, innovative, approach to overcoming all kinds of challenges, to improve lives on all levels.

As a world champion athlete, author, Pro-Metabolic nutrition researcher, International coach and psychotherapist I’ve always been passionate about helping people lead happier, healthier lives.

Whilst being absent from social media, I have paused, loved, healed, grown, reconnected, found my authenticity and enhanced my knowledge, experience, and qualifications once more.

I am passionate about helping people understand, heal, and regain their lives.   To recover from the miserable impacts of metabolic damage and liberated of restrictive diets, to achieve hormonal balance, to make peace with food, their bodies, their mind, their past, their thoughts, pain and trauma, and find happiness within themselves, where they are at.

As a therapist and experienced International Pro-Metabolic Nutrition coach, when I delve deeper, I all too often find that trauma, attachment issues, childhood issues, and limiting subconscious beliefs manifest in health, hormonal balance, physiology  and weight loss struggles.  It is this space that I now seek solutions in my business and practice.

We all have our own unique journey with our bodies, our thoughts, how we show up, what we do or don’t do, the food we eat or don’t eat, based on our own unique experiences and conditioning.  So, with renewed energy and knowledge I am back, more comprehensively focusing on the mind / body / emotional / nutrition / lifestyle connections.

Thankyou to all of you who have enquired about my absence, I’ve really appreciated your kind comments.  Social media can be a great forum to share, teach, educate and inspire but it also can be a distraction in times of learning and growth.  I’ve had my furlough and I’m now back to share my knowledge and experience, this time adding a therapeutic framework.

Thankyou to all of you who have supported my research, my writing, my athletic endeavours and my Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs. I am grateful to you all.

You will see be posting more again as I will never stop learning how to heal and grow to develop into our happiest, healthiest selves.  This time stay tuned as I share how to use your subconscious mind to achieve even greater results and provide insights into the fascinating connections between mind, body , emotions and soul

Your coach and therapist



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