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I was introduced to Cheryl and Blair and ProComp International via my fiancée who was already working as a contest prep client with them. I had always dreamed of competing and it was not until I was dragged up into a group posing class with the team and some of their male partners at the Galaxy International that I decided to make that dream a reality. I have a very busy and at times stressful life working in the construction industry and I juggle the demands of family and a relationship as well. I have always loved training in the gym and had a reasonable idea about nutrition but was not sure if I could compete and prep on my own. I set my sights on a season B state championship followed by the national championships a few weeks later.

After meeting both ProComp coaches in a face to face consultation, we discussed likes, dislikes, strategies, training and goals. I was then introduced to my customized Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan that was very different from anything I had experienced before.

I started at 105kgs and thought that I was in quite good shape and the show was 20 weeks away. I expected to start cutting calories and doing cardio to achieve a stage weight of 75-80kgs. Being methodical and systems driven myself, I embraced and committed to the process and followed my plan with 100% commitment.

I enjoyed the reporting process, results analysis and regular communication from both Cheryl and Blair.


I was eating different food and increasing my calories without doing cardio and my body was responding and feeling great with every week. I was delighted to see my clothes getting looser and my body composition changing every week.

I was really happy with the entire prep and was amazed with how my body responded the way that it did. I then went on to win my division at the state championships and then my division at the national Mr Australia…….a dream come true for me!!!!

I love competing, feeling great and achieving goals so I took advantage of ProComp’s off season online fortnightly review program and I have maintained a very good physique without any unnecessary fat or weight gain.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition is a long term nutritional strategy and not just some “drop weight quickly’ fad. During my off season, I also married my beautiful finacee in a quite ceremony and I am really happy that I looked damned good all dressed up in a suit for such an amazing occasion.

I am now engaging Cheryl and Blair the ProComp coaches for my next stage goal and I cannot wait to see my improvements and results

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