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46 years. Computer Science Teacher. Mother of two

Where do I start.  I’ve always dreamt of creating more with my body.  To chisel it, to get lean, and to be proud of how I look.   In 2018 I applied with ProComp to be part of their ProComp Comp team in Bali/Singapore.   I was really nervous as I’m more of a private thinker than outgoing group person and on top of that I had never done a show or stood in front of hundreds of people in a bikini.   Being involved in academia this was a different world.

I won’t say it’s been easy, cause it hasn’t . As I’ve learnt it takes a lot more than just a nutrition plan.   Its about mindset and lifestyle, and training correctly.  

I’ve now done 3 shows with ProComp.  Singapore in 2017, Germany in 2018 and then the Shanghai China Intercontinental cup in 2019 – who would have thought. I have competed In both figure and bikini. I have used the ProComp Pro-Metabolic approach since I started – both when cutting and off season.

Hormonal balance, great energy and I look the best I ever have

I love it, my hormone are balanced, my body is healthy, my immune is strong, I have a heathy libido, great energy and people are always commenting on how good my skin and hair look.    The food is so balanced, so easy to prepare and not like a strict hard core diet at all.   Most of my cut I didn’t even have to do cardio as my metabolism was that healthy. 

I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved.  I couldn’t imagine eating anything different.  This has become a lifestyle for me and I cant wait to see how I will look when I do my next show.

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