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36 years. Mother of 3 boys. Zumba Instructor. Australia

I have always enjoyed fitness, my family and my health, but prior to 2017 I had only ever eaten traditional fitness diets of chicken, rice, broccoli and ofcourse I ate very low calories.

 I was exhausted, depleted, and my mental health was suffering considerably.   

In 2017 I joined the ProComp team to compete in an international figure completion (where I later went on to win my PRO card)

I followed my Pro-metabolic meal plan which Cheryl and Blair created for me religiously. 

I was surprised at how easy it was to adhere to. 

I began enjoy food again and was eating food that was previously untouched and never included in my usual comp prep plans.  I was eating yoghurt, fruit, cheese, orange juice, sourdough toast and even chocolate each night.   This plan left me feeling more satisfied and I no longer felt like I was missing out.

So many other benefits from Pro-Metabolic nutrition

My mental health improved dramatically as a result. 

Other benefits i did not expect began to show.  I had more energy throughout the day and slept better at night.  My skin was glowing and my eyes seemed brighter. 

The cellulite on my legs, a problem i had always had even when lean, also began to reduce.

People started to comment on how healthy i looked and after seeing the process of previous comp preps could not believe the difference. 

I ate more……and got leaner

I continued to slowly increase calories each week and i was ACTUALLY BECOMING LEANER.  

I won my PRO Card using Pro-Metabolic nutrition

I won my pro card in the WFF figure category in late 2017 in Mexico entirely using Pro-Metabolic nutrition methods and have since competed at another two international PRO figure shows in 2018 and 2019.   

I am extremely grateful to ProComp International – Blair and Cheryl for introducing me to Pro-Metabolic nutrition and enabling me to enjoy food again, eating more instead of starving to get lean, and experiencing so many physical and mental benefits as a result.”

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