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My Body is My Business


Body shaming is body shaming – whether its because of weight, having muscles or whatever on earth is deemed not the norm.

I posted this picture yesterday, with a blog about nutrition, and 14 critical and mocking comments were posted about my shape, femininity and muscularity. Really? Come on peeps! (they have since been deleted as such negativity has no place on the ProComp coaching page)

Why do those who don’t even know me really think it’s OK to publicly comment that I “look like a man”, “Im ugly”. It’s not OK. It’s never OK.

Trolling and writing judgemental comments from a phone or a keyboard is nothing short of gutless, judgemental bullying.

I’m not perfect, I’ve never claimed to be. I’ve had my struggles with weight and body image like most. So shame on all who yesterday felt it OK to write derogatory comments to me online.

TIME FOR IT TO STOP. It’s out of control. Whatever happened to kindness and acceptances. Thankyou to those who named it and didn’t let it pass. Thankyou for showing kindness and courage to stand up and say it’s not OK.

I choose this lifestyle because I want to, not to prove anything. I feel powerful, capable and yes sexy. I love being strong, healthy and fit and feminine and if I get pricked enough I bleed.

I dedicate my time to research and share the nutritional strategies that gave me a new lease of life. The nutrition that has improved my health and energy and helped me achieve success. I am passionate about teaching others how to do the same. To be so blatantly criticised because I look strong, whilst writing about nutrition is despicable.


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