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10 Things That can Happened When My Metabolism Slowed Down


The lowest point in my life corresponded when my metabolism slowed down, and I gained weight after a period of extended dieting and stress. I was not happy, and I certainly did not feel great.

With the help of Pro-Metabolic nutrition I was able to get a new lease of life, energy, excitement, health and leanness.

I’ll keep this post brief today. These are 10 things that happened to me when my metabolism slowed down and are also common when weight loss stalls because of metabolic issues.

Because when metabolism slows down so does fat burning.

1. Cold hands, feet and a low body temperature.
2. Waking up tired and having low energy all day
3. Bloating.
4. Dry skin, lips and eyes
5. Urinating more than 4-5 times a day
6. Difficulty Sleep issues
7. Food intolerances (especially lactose)
8. Hormonal imbalance
9. Anxiety, blah, feeling down
10. Puffy eyes

Metabolism is controlled by the amount of T3 thyroid hormone that is present in the blood cells. Quite simple when the thyroid does not produce enough T3 it alters metabolic rate.

The Pro-Metabolic Nutritional approach is to eat food which helps upregulate T3 production and avoid foods which slow it down. The Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan that I eat consists of simple sugars such as ripe tropical fruit, juices and raw honey, saturated fats such as coconut oil, quality dairy and quality proteins such as shellfish and gelatin.

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