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How to Get flat Mid-Section


Eating Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and balancing my hormones has helped me get that flat midsection I have forever desired.

It’s not always about gluten or lactose. When I improved my hormone balance I improved my bloating.

1. I minimise stress. Cortisol directly impacts hormones.
2. I use natural organic skin care and cleaning products with no chemicals. The chemicals increase hormonal load.
3. I eat grass fed meat and quality dairy products.
4. I investigated synthetic hormones found in medications and chose alternatives.
5. I minimise alcohol. A healthy liver for proper hormone metabolism.
6. I use saturated fats such as coconut oil and organic butter and don’t eat soy, legumes and PUFA’s (polyunsaturated fatty acids)
7. I weight train instead of exhausting cardio.
8. I get adequate sunlight for hormone synthesis.
9. I eat a Carrot salad every day. (grated carrot, coconut oil, salt and vinegar) as it can bind to unused endotoxins and flush them out.
10. Finally, I eat Pro-Thyroid food such as natural simple sugars like ripe tropical fruit, raw honey and pure juices. If the thyroid gland and metabolism is downregulated, it impacts my hormonal systems.

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