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46years. Mother of 2. Nurse. Australian. Hypothyroid and hormonal issues

I cannot rave enough about the Pro-Metabolic Meal plans,  I never would have believed that I could eat such delicious food and still look so good if I had not given it a try. 

I could never get lean despite always dieting

Before I bought the ProComp boost and shred meal plans I was absolutely beside myself with stress about my constant weight gain, and hormonal issues.  I had thyroid issues and adrenal issues (shift work, nursing, late nights, stressful job and relationships).     I was always tired and never felt good about my body DESPITE keeping myself fit and ALWAYS dieting.   

Great information provided in the ProComp meal plans

The information provided with the meal plans taught me the importance of reducing stress, taking care of my sleep and my health.  I followed Cheryl and Blair’s recommendations and stopped doing cardio, and started to eat exactly according to  the Boost and Shred meal plan program.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was gradually eating more AND losing body fat

Its been 8 months for me on Pro-Metabolic nutrition now.  I started with the Boost and Shred and then did the Hormonal Balancing plan starting at even higher calories.   I look the best I have ever looked, and Ive stayed lean.    

I look and feel the best I ever have and it hasnt been hard

My energy came back, my libido returned, my cellulite even has just about gone  and I feel the best I have ever felt. 

I started on the 1600 calorie plan and Im now eating 2800 caloires a day, and for the first time in my life its actually easy to stay lean.  I totally understand why Cheryl always says, “fat loss favours a fast metabolism”.  Im so glad I got off the cycle of trying to eat less and cut carbs.  

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