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EVERYTHING IS A THOUGHT before it becomes a real thing.

Because Thoughts always precede actions

Everything is created twice   First in the mind and then in reality.

So if you want to create a lean, chiseled, energetic, vibrant, healthy body then you need to start with you thinking

World renown champion bodybuilder Kai Greene would constantly repeat to himself, “thoughts become things”

The psychological component to weight loss is all too often overlooked  – but it can infact be the secret many are missing

PART 3 –


Every day use these to help create positive powerful thoughts for the results you desire.

  1. I choose easy healthy weight loss
  2. I am so motivated to move my body because exercise makes me feel fantastic;
  3. Every day I tell myself I can, I am and I do.
  4. Ive got this like never before
  5. I am fully committed to losing weight;
  6. I love to nurture my body;
  7. I deserve to feel better and I am;
  8. I am ready for a new chapter in my life;
  9. I take action to make my ideal body a reality;
  10. My clear vision of optimal health pulls me towards it;
  11. I take consistent steps to improve my health and my body;
  12. I am dedicated to reaching my ideal weight;
  13. I control what I choose to eat;
  14. I am worthy of good health and a great looking body;
  15. I can enjoy all food in moderation;
  16. I let go of guilt and shame;
  17. I let go of sadness and depression;
  18. I will not punish or deprive myself, instead I will nurture, nourish and love myself;
  19. it feels so great to be in shape;
  20. I embrace this new bright era of my life;
  21. I believe in myself and my abilities;
  22. Today and every day I choose to be happy;
  23. I give myself permission to feel amazing, lose weight and look attractive,
  24. Taking care of my body is a joy;
  25. When I exercise and eat clean, I feel so good about myself because being strong and healthy is an integral part of who I am;

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