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25 MORE powerful Affirmations for even greater Weight Loss


Language and thoughts are even more incredibly powerful than we realise. 

What you feel and what you do, starts with the thoughts in your mind.  It’s quite simple really.

Psychological science has now proven that when we can control these thoughts we can control our emotions, how we react, what we do and the level of success we achieve.

Success in any area starts with our thoughts, because thoughts always precede action.   So consciously give your mind the thoughts to create the actions for the results you seek.

Today I share a further 25 powerful, descriptive, positive statements that I encourage you to repeat to yourself if you want to reprogram your mind for faster weight loss.   Olympic athletes do this, CEO’s do this, psychologists do this.

Actively give your mind the words and pictures needed so that it will do the job you want it to do.

Get your mind to work for you, not against you .

I love filling my mind with postage thoughts when I start my day.  Its sets my intentions, it ensures my subconscious mind is in tune with what I want to achieve, it prevents negativity entering my mind or body and gives me energy to focus on what is important to me.   I always get more done and feel in tune with my desires when I start my day with positive affirmations


  1. I love how easy it is to burn fat when I eat nutritious healthy food;
  2. It feels great to be committed to my health, metabolism and healing;
  3. Exercise make me feel alive, and energised;
  4. It’s so easy to prep my meals and fit exercise into my day;
  5. I only want to eat natural, healthy and fresh food;
  6. I choose to lose weight in a healthy way and I love this process;
  7. Taking care of my body and my health is a joy;
  8. I feel powerful, energised and healthy when I make good choices;
  9. Everything is all coming together;
  10. I can do this amazingly well with ease;
  11. I’ve got this!
  12. My health is my no 1 priority;
  13. I am losing fat with every breath I exhale;
  14. Every day my metabolism increases and my belly fat decreases;
  15. I am losing weight, and I am making it happen right now;
  16. I have laser like focus, drive and ability to become slim, fit and healthy;
  17. I love my body, I want to take care of it and always treat it with respect;
  18. I love the feeling of fitting into smaller clothes;
  19. I am so motivated and so excited about this process;
  20. I am so proud of myself for taking action every day to lose weight, and become the healthiest and leanest me Ive ever been;
  21. My mind and body are wired for success;
  22. I love and accept myself;
  23. I am proud of my body and what it can do;
  24. I radiate health, positivity and joy;
  25. I love feeling light and energetic, healthy, fit and slim;


So yes, it’s time to get your mind to work for you not against you.

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