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In this blog I identify the promoters and the antagonists that directly impact fat burning influence efficient metabolism and impact hormonal balance.

Basically…….after 20 years of coaching and researching,   WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T!

There are many ways to get lean and have an efficient metabolism.    Should the focus be on MAXIMISING nutrition and lifestyle strategies that burn fat, stimulate and restore mitochondrial metabolism (cellular respiration)……or…….should the focus be on suppressing factors that stop fat burning, such as  toxic substances, free radicals or anything that will oppose optimal metabolism?

As coaches, often wonderful Pro-Metabolic plans are created to maximise metabolic and hormonal functions.  Sadly, this strategy can be counteracted by the factors that reduce fat burning, efficient energy production, suppress thyroid hormone conversion, increase and create excess estrogen or cortisol or that results in a blood sugar imbalance. 

Its all about balance.

Our Pro-Metabolic meal plans have been carefully crafted using unique combinations of food to ensure metabolism and heath prosper at the same time leading to an increase in fat burning and setting the scene for optimal health.    

My carefully created Pro-Metabolic meal plans are constantly achieving brilliant results UNLESS they are directly opposed by suppressive or toxic factors that are prevalent in someone’s lifestyle, environment, and food selections.

More information about how our 12 week Pro-Metabolic Boost and shred meal plan program has been created can be found here:

“A lowered metabolic rate and reduced energy production  is a common feature of aging, fat storing and most degenerative diseases.”   Dr Ray Peat.



Natural simple sugars – fructose and sucrose such as ripe tropical fruit, raw honey and pulp free orange juice.
Thyroid hormone – T3 – a Pro-Metabolic diet promotes increased conversion of T4 to T3 hormone.
Carbon Dioxide – altitude – or even deep diagrammatic breathing.
Good levels of Oxygen.  We recommend deep breathing and the avoidance of mouth breathing in favour of nose breathing.
Calcium – Helps reduce parathyroid stress hormone.  This is why all Pro-Metabolic meal plans include diary or nutrition high in calcium.
Sodium – Especially sea salt.
Magnesium – Epsom salt baths or magnesium oil to help to reduce cortisol.
Quality proteins – to optimise liver functioning for detoxification.
Hydrostate Gelatin. This is protein that is low in thyroid suppressing cysteine and tryptophan and helps oppose excess estrogen.
Sunlight or Vitamin d.  This helps with the conversion of steroidal hormones.
Quality sleep  – Is restorative, healing and when fat is metabolised and burned.
Exposure and absorption of red Light.
Progesterone – women’s feel good hormone as well as opposing estrogen.
Vit D, A, K that are all found in organic butter.
Saturated fats found in coconut oil and organic butter.
Positivity, gratitude, happiness and self-belief.


PUFA’s – polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Cortisol and Adrenaline that result in Stress – of any kind.
Excessive estrogen – encourages fat storage on hips, butt and thighs.
Excessive or exhausting cardio regimes.
Low calorie diets.
Low carbohydrate diets.
Parathyroid stress hormone.
Excessive water intake as it flushes out electrolytes.
Darkness and not adequate sunlight.
Excessive levels of thyroxine T4.
Low circulating levels of T3.
High levels of Aldosterone.
Exposure to radiation including x-rays.
Presence of Lactic Acid.
Oxygen deficiency.
Presence and exposure to blue light.
Malnutrition (very common in many fitness diets where entire food groups are eliminated).
The presence of amino acids tryptophan and cysteine. These are highly concentrated in muscle meat.
Nitric Oxide.
Excess toxic metals such as iron, cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminium, sliver and nickel.

*Oxygenation of sugar is efficient in many ways including sparing oxygen consumption”  Dr Ray Peat.

**Glucose oxidation is efficient and suggest a state of low stress”  Dr Ray Peat.

Healing a stressed metabolism, balancing hormones and encouraging fat burning so that it can be an efficient effortless process requires a two-tiered approach.   The ProComp Pro-Metabolic Nutrition plans will absolutely do their part nutritionally to heal metabolic issues and improve fat burning, but each individual is also responsible for reducing suppressing factors (reducing stress, improving sleep, and prioritising health).   Get both working together and your body, mind, and health will soar.

If you have any questions on how Pro-Metabolic nutrition can help you send me a message Id love to offer any recommendations.

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