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ProComp is in the business of creating great looking, healthy, hormonally balanced bodies with fast metabolisms.  

Our goal at ProComp is to help people lose body fat without destroying their metabolism.  We focus on improving health and hormonal balance throughout our nutritional process.


My personal background includes being a professional figure athlete, a gym owner, an internationally certified judge and a body coach for over 20 years.  This is the only approach I have found that delivers such spectacular results with both body composition and health and hormones…….at the same time!!!   

At ProComp, we have combined our fitness expertise, experience and knowledge with the hormonal research of Dr Ray Peat PHD. We have applied all of these factors to create a series of Pro-Metabolic meal plans that will not only help make fat loss easier and quicker, but it will also improve your metabolism so that you can eat more and improve health and hormones.


Firstly, to be frank, I do not support restrictive eating patterns or the removal of entire food groups. As a coach with a vested interest in helping people look great,  we have created our own Pro-Metabolic Nutrition system which combines Dr. Peat’s research relating to both hormonal balance and anti-aging and our personal years of knowledge and experience as fitness coaches.

Procomp have recently released our 12-week Boost and Shred Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs. We are now receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and normal every day fold who are already experiencing results….when previously they struggled.

My initial thoughts on Dr Peats nutrition research

I must add, that when I first read about Dr Peat’s nutritional ideas many year ago,  I thought they were ridiculous.  I seriously doubted whether it would be possible to get into great shape eating natural sugars, cheese, potatoes, butter, quality chocolate and orange juice etc.   In my own personal desperation after metabolic damage from years of gruelling dieting and cardio……I thought….”what do I have to lose??”……and I decided to give it a go.

I found it incredibly liberating including natural simple sugars such as fruit, juices and honey into my diet.  I also found that this approach prevented sugar cravings which was a daily struggle for me.

I discovered that eating a balanced diet became exciting, refreshing and it bought joy back into my meal times again when compared to the traditional chicken and broccoli approach.  Up until this point I had struggled with a dysfunctional relationship from food.  This included binge eating that was most likely due to the belief in restrictive eating to achieve results.    No more!

I had to relearn everything that I though was true, let go of preconceptions and dogmatic thinking, and. in the process, I achieved the leanest and healthiest body that I have ever had.

Dr Ray Peats work

Dr Peat has a doctorate in biology with a specialisation in physiology and endocrinology. His research focuses on nutritional and lifestyle factors that impact hormonal health, metabolism and thyroid gland functioning.    His work is to foster health, improve energy, prevent age related degeneration, reduce inflammation and stress.  

This is achieved primarily by improving metabolic rate, improving thyroid functioning, reducing harmful hormones such as excessive estrogen and cortisol.

How a research endocrinologists can help you lose body fat , create a great looking body and achieve optimal health


Thyroid gland health is directly correlated to metabolic rate.  The more T4 to T3 the body converts the faster metabolic rate will be.  The faster metabolism is, the faster fat burning is.  Thyroid gland health is also essential for every function in the body.  

Dr Peat’s research has focused on nutrition that will improve thyroid health such as natural simple sugars that balance blood sugar and saturated fats.  He recommends avoiding foods which will suppress thyroid gland health such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and goitrogenic foods.   

ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plans have applied all of Dr Peat’s nutritional research into optimising thyroid gland functioning into all of the plans we create.    By doing this we achieve faster metabolism, healthier thyroid glands and fat loss is easier.


As a hormone researcher, much of Dr Peats work focuses on the insidious impact that excess estrogen has on the body.  Dr Peat’s research draws correlation between excessive estrogen being carcinogenic, promoting stress, is neuro-toxic, increases fat storage in estrogen receptor sites such as the hips, thighs and butt.  This can cause menstrual havoc and promotes fat gain.    

At ProComp, we have adopted all of Dr Peat’s nutritional and lifestyle research about food and environmental factors which will help reduce excess estrogen.   Not only does this dramatically improve health, but these are amazing strategies to help those who are estrogen dominant lose stubborn body fat.    

Some of Dr Ray Peat’s principles are to reduce excess estrogen.  These are included in Procomp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plans include daily carrot salads.  The fibre in the grated carrot attaches to unused endotoxins and helps flush them out of the body. We also avoid PUFA’s and replace them instead with real, natural food without additives or hormones. We also recommend skin care products that are not chemically laden.  

The results speak for themselves.  Cellulite reduces, menstruation begins again and stubborn body fat around thighs in particular is finally able to be lost.


CORTISOL and stress hormones.   Cortisol can be elevated due stress in relationships, excessive cardio, undereating, trauma, illness, financial worries or concerns, moving to a new house, sick children.  When cortisol levels are elevated, the body holds onto fat.  Understanding Dr Peat’s research and strategies to reduce excess cortisol, provides a fantastic framework for ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plans.    If we can reduce your cortisol, we can speed up fat burning and speed up the process of building muscle.

As a coach of over 20 years, I can say for certain that if a body is stressed and cortisol is pumping throughout your body, then fat loss can just about come to a halt.  You can have the best nutrition plan and training program in the world…….and if stress hormones are high….fat loss efforts will be futile.

We have integrated some of the strategies Dr Peat has concluded into reducing cortisol.  These are present in our Pro-Metabolic meal plans.  They include adding sea salt as salt reduces stress, it is thermogenic and also improves metabolism. 

We include natural simple sugars such as ripe tropical fruit, raw honey, pulp free orange juice.  Sugar has amazing anti-stress properties.  ProComp’s Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs use natural simple sugars as a foundation. Sugar in the diet is fuel for oxidative energy production.   In the absence of adequate sugar, the body will begin to use other sources of stored fuel from muscle or connective tissues.  This causes systemic stress and increases factors associated with aging.  

Milk can also provide a good source of sugar in the form of lactose. This also ensures that each Procomp Pro-Metabolic meal plan contains adequate quantities of calcium.  Calcium is necessary to reduce parathyroid stress hormone. Hmmmm…… how many fitness diets do you know that recommend removing all dairy product altogether???


Creating a great looking, healthy, hormonally balanced body is not just about calories in vs calories out.   At ProComp, we use nutrition and lifestyle factors to ensure hormones are balanced and metabolism is fast to so that you  great looking, healthy body is not difficult to achieve.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Pro-Metabolic meal plan program. I have no doubt that your body will thank you for it!!!
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