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ray peat meal plans

BECAUSE There is another way to do food!

(scroll to the end to see exactly WHAT I EAT AND WHY)

Food is SO much more powerful than we give it credit for.  There is much truth to the old adage “you are what you eat”.


  • food gives us energy or depletes our energy,
  • helps us feel happy or sad,
  • is responsible for whether we get fat or burn fat,
  • can help us focus or have foggy thinking,
  • can cause us to bloat or improve our skin,
  • can make us age, develop cancer or degenerative conditions OR work as medicine to protect us from such conditions.
  • The list can go on and on


For so many desperate to lose weight, food has become an enemy.  We….

  • are eating little to lose weight, when in fact we are slowing down our metabolism and causing weight gain;
  • are afraid to eat this or that,
  • are neurotic about carbs,
  • have fallen into the habit of “quick eating” or eating on the run (which is a dangerous trigger for compulsive overeating),
  • deny ourselves the very nutrients required to give us our life energy,
  • sabotage our best laid diet plans;
  • forgo healing sleep because we are hungry,
  • obsess over what to eat when we should be enjoying food,
  • choose sugar-free food instead of natural fruit and natural sugars,
  • eat processed food because it is low fat or high protein,
  • eat for entertainment or intoxication;
  • feel guilty for craving sweet food,
  • beat ourselves up when we eat the “wrong” food and blame poor willpower,
  • consider food prep a chore, and get bored with eating clean healthy meals,
  • choose artificially sweetened or chemically processed food over natural fruit and organic dairy products,
  • glamorise alcoholic beverages, protein bars and French patisseries, yet demonise orange juice, raw honey and raw sugar;
  • drink our calories with alcohol, fancy coffees or soda’s
  • no longer listen to our bodies cues for hunger, energy, sweetness or salty foods, instead override it with a glass of water, a cup of coffee, more willpower or sugar free lollies.
  • are obsessed with unhealthy food, cheats, refeeds, rewards.
  • overeat and then justify it with fasting.
  • use food to settle anxiety, give company to our loneliness and feed boredom,
  • think vegetables are boring, and favour takeout over preparing our own food and
  • don’t allow ourselves to enjoy, healthy, sweet food.
  • Are constantly worrying about what to eat and how much of it to eat.


We constantly struggle to find a way to eat that will nourish our body and mind yet is free of guilt or deprivation.   When and why did we start robbing ourselves of the very nutrients necessary for our energy and survival?

We are often so desperate to lose weight that we fall into the trap of avoiding and denying food in the belief it will make us skinny.    In fact, deprivation will only slow down metabolism, which in turn slows down fat burning and causes an even more dysfunctional relationship with food.

When we deny our bodies of essential nutrients or simply don’t eat enough, we will start to experience ridiculous cravings, digestive issues, mood swings, depression, anxiety, huge energy crashes, no motivation, fat loss becomes really hard to achieve, constant tiredness sets in, sleep becomes a struggle and life does not become a happy place.

Hello adrenal fatigue, metabolic damage, hormonal imbalance and sadly no or very little weight loss. Why do we do this to ourselves?.


We all have our own unique relationship with food, whether it’s because it brings us comfort or reward, makes us feel full and whole, fuels a workout, breaks boredom or relieves anxiety, makes us feel guilty or gives us pleasure.  Food is our constant companion.

Our relationship with food is very powerful and often all-consuming, be that healthy or dysfunctional.   We have attached so many unnecessary emotions around the very food that should be nourishing us – food can make us feel guilt, pleasure, shame, joy, depressed, happy, stressed, confused, laziness, uncertainty, anxiety, determined, and at times apathy.


In fact, it’s delicious, liberating and works WITH your body not against it.   Yup you guessed it – Pro-Metabolic Nutrition.

Newsflash: You CAN eat to lose weight, have energy and be healthy –

without deprivation, punishment, guilt, boredom or hunger!


  • Its SUPPORTS fat loss, not forces fat loss
  • It is balanced food from all food groups, not a restrictive diet
  • It creates energy, not robs you of energy
  • It’s about eating MORE not LESS
  • Its clean, natural food, not processed or additive laden
  • Natural sugars are consumed therefore no cravings
  • It’s about healing your metabolism and hormones not damaging it more
  • It’s about optimal health, food naturally high in vitamins and minerals
  • Its nutrition linked to preventing cancer, and degenerative conditions

The right nutritional framework is about creating the foundation for optimal health, a balanced mind, lean body, guilt free, no restrictions or deprivations and a happy, life you love.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition does just that.   If you are tired of dieting, deprivation, being hungry, feeling guilty, falling off the wagon, starting again, never feeling full, missing sweet food, then perhaps it’s time to get the results you want for both your body and your health – without the emotional hang-ups.

here is the link to my Pro-Metabolic meal plans – eating like this will change every aspect of your life

Meal Plans


  • Eat food that improves your metabolism and helps your body burn fat;
  • Eat food that’s healing, nutritious and nourishing
  • Reduce cellulite and hormonal belly fat;
  • love your body and stop abusing it,
  • have real energy and sound sleep,
  • reduce bloating and digestive issues
  • savour your food, and celebrate how it is contributing to your health
  • eat food that fights illness, makes brain cells grow, and improves your mood and libido
  • see food as a reward, not as punishment
  • be left satisfied and energised after a nourishing restorative meal
  • respect and honour your body, not shut down your fertility or reproductive health
  • to eat a huge variety of food and delight in the sweetness of natures purity

I’ve done the research, experienced phenomenal success and coached hundreds of people using these exact meal plan programs.  here is the link for more information

Meal Plans


We need to eat as if we love ourselves.

We need to fully understand how powerful nutrition is and fall in love with nourishing our bodies.

We need to realise that we not only eat to look good, but we eat to thrive, to revitalise our mind, to give us energy, to prevent illnesses, so that we burn fat naturally, we eat so we slow down aging and age related diseases, we eat so that our bodies have all the nutrients it requires for balanced hormones.

Because when we are healthy and balanced we will burn fat at an extraordinary pace.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition is a great place to start when creating a healthy relationship with food that will nourish, nurture and heal every aspect of your being, and provide a foundation for a lean body and a lifetime of wellness.

Ive done all the research and work for you click the meal plan link to find out more

Meal Plans


  • I eat simple sugars to help the conversion of thyroid hormone and a faster metabolism to keep me lean,
  • I eat plenty of fruit and honey so that I no longer have cravings.
  • I enjoy natural chocolate and quality clean ice-cream so I don’t feel deprived;
  • I down Orange Juice every day and I rarely get sick.
  • I have plenty of calcium from dairy products (cheese, yoghurt) so my bones are strong and calcium is great for brown fat,
  • I include bone broths so my gut and skin is healthy,
  • I eat simple sugars and well-cooked underground veges for speedier digestion and a flatter stomach.
  • I eat plenty of food (the right food), so I’m never hungry or wanting more;
  • I include gelatin and carrots to help balance hormones,
  • I salt all my meals to reduce inflammation and stress hormones (it also increases thermogenesis),
  • I cook in coconut oil to boost my metabolism,
  • I even start my day with coffee, cream and real sugar to keep my blood sugar stable
  • I embrace carbs and eat them at every meal because I value my energy, I want to get the most out of life and I want a nice lean physique.
  • I no longer have protein shakes or protein bars, processed foods, difficult to digest vegies, caged eggs, grain fed beef, loads of chicken or Polyunsaturated fats which impact thyroid health, slow down my metabolic rate, making it hard to burn fat and causes inflammation
  • I no longer eat soy, goitrogenic food or estrogenic food to ensure my estrogen isn’t in excess, and ofcourse it helps prevent cellulite and fat on my thighs
  • I have either a chocolate milk or Greek pot set yoghurt with honey before bed to help with quality sound sleep
  • I eat pro-thyroid food and my mood these days is always chipper and bright;

Here is the link to the exact meal plans that I use

I love and respect my body enough to nourish and nurture it.   I eat food that gives me energy and makes me feel full of energy and wellness.  Food that helps me focus and gives me clarity of thought.  Food that doesn’t send my blood sugar crashing or soaring.  Food that helps me rest, recover and sleep.    Food that is good for my immune system and my gut health.  Food that prevents inflammation, strengthens my bones, prevents risk of diabetes, and heart conditions and reduces the degenerative effects of aging.   I love my body so I eat food that supports it, food that is good for my skin, hair and nails, food that uplifts my moods and prevents me from feeling blah.

I eat because I love my body and I want to feel great.  I value my health and longevity and I want to get the most out of this body I can.   I eat clean and natural food and treat my body with the love and respect it deserves.   I refuse to abuse my body, my cells, or my metabolism anymore with processed food, foods high in PUFA’s or engaging in either compulsive or mindless eating.

I encourage you to explore this framework as the right nutrition can really give you the freedom to truly be yourself, liberated, lean, energised and guilt free

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