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Forget chicken and broccoli, or boring uninviting salads.  Gone are those days.

Nutrition science has come a long way in the last decade.   Especially the research about food that will increase metabolism, and help keep hormones in balance.

If you want to lose body fat without cutting calories, be nourished, and energised then its maybe time to consider the benefits of delicious Pro-Metabolic Nutrition.  Heathy weight loss food no longer needs to be boring.

12 Week Metabolic Thrive Meal Plan


 This snack is a perfect fat burning, metabolism boosting snack that will keep blood sugar stable as it is a balanced blend of carbs, protein and fat.  When we keep our blood sugar levels even we will stay in a constant fat burning mode, and both our energy and mood also remains stable.  Win win. I eat this most days.    My Pro-athletes enjoy cheese and fruit as they drop body fat for a show and it is a staple in all my Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs.

12 Week Metabolic Thrive Meal Plan

This snack is delicious and the benefits are truly amazing.  It energises me, prevents me from craving sweet food, helps keep my tummy flat, increases thyroid conversion which increases metabolism (and fat burning), reduces stress hormones and helps reduce excess estrogen (which helps prevent fat storage especially around my legs and butt). 


  • Bone broth is a brilliant protein source high in the amino acid glycine, which is pro-thyroid, healing, anti-inflammatory and opposes excess estrogen.
  • Broth and gelatin are also high in proline which is liver protective, detoxifying and prevents oxidative damage.
  • As broth helps keep the thyroid upregulated it works to increase metabolic rate and fat burning.
  • It is a collagen protein so amazing for preventing degeneration of cartilage in joints and pain associated with muscle aches and inflammation.
  • Naturopaths have been recommending it for years to help with gut health, IBS, candida and parasites.


  • Especially, quality, hard European cheese – PARMIGIANO REGGIANO or any hard PARMESAN or EURPOEAN cheese.
  • Calcium from cheese, plays an essential role in increasing metabolism and fat burning.
  • Cheese is a great source of non-inflammatory pro-thyroid protein.
  • It is high in calcium which will help reduce parathyroid stress hormones which are associated with weight gain.
  • As concluded by Dr. Ray Peat an esteemed endocrinologist, “Calcium inhibits the fat-forming enzymes, fatty acid synthase, reducing the formation of fats and at the same time it activates the uncoupling proteins in the mitochondria…. Calcium increases the metabolic rate, the uncoupling proteins burn calories faster while they protect against free-radical oxidations.”
  • Cheese is also a perfectly balanced food containing protein, carbs and fat. This is essential for keeping blood sugar levels stable and fat burning constant.


  • Dates are contain a great ratio of glucose to fructose and there are so many varieties of these little delicious sweet sugar cakes.  From a tropical palm tree, they are mainly purchased dried.  If you want a fast metabolism then sugar is definitely back on the menu.

Fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so this means that eating sucrose (a disaccharide, consisting of glucose and fructose), in place of starch, will reduce the tendency to store fat. Eating “complex carbohydrates,” rather than sugars, is a reasonable way to promote obesity.”  Ray Peat PhD

  • Dietary fructose is preferable to starch for mineral balance in the body.  Fructose actually assists the body in retaining minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and copper
  • Natural sugars will boost metabolism and speeds up the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver.
  • Dates are incredibly nutritionally dense, high in magnesium, potassium and fibre– which helps keep blood sugar levels stable.  The high magnesium also works with the thyroid to moderate stress.
  • They are great for bowel health
  • They are high in cancer fighting antioxidants and great for reducing inflammation markers.

They make a delicious sweet touch and when combined with protein and fat they are a perfect pro-thyroid food.

High sugar consumption will actually increase the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone) in the liver.  You see, in the liver you NEED glucose to convert T4 into T3.  Whereas if you avoid fruits, juices, honey, sugars and opt for a low/no carb approach you will down-regulate thyroid hormone conversion, slowing metabolism.


Natural sugars from ripened fruit are brilliant for INCREASING METABOLISM and Reducing Stress Hormones.   Fructose heats the body, provides awesome energy to our cells and increases metabolic rate.

Faster metabolism  = faster fat burning

  • Research actually shows consumption of fructose (fruits) can increase energy WITHOUT weight gain

  • Fruits have a low GI rating. Fructose has very little effect on increasing blood sugar and insulin therefore will have minimal effect on fat storage.   Fruit and juices will help calm down adrenal glands.

Tip:  If you add about 1/4 tsp of sea salt to your fruit juice, this will raise your blood sugar to normal and lower damaging stress hormones.  Salty fruit juice helps stimulate the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid) to T3 (active thyroid hormone).

  • Most fruits contact high levels of vitamins and minerals and by including natural sugars you will prevent cravings.  They are also high in salicylates, which are powerfully anti-inflammatory.

Carbohydrates from ripe fruit provide the right sugars to fuel your cells efficiently, lower adrenaline and cortisol, digest easily, spare protein containing muscle tissue, and support the production of the active thyroid hormone (T3).

Note:  Its best to not eat carbohydrates or protein alone as that tends to cause hypoglycemia either way.  So I combine, cheese with fruits, eggs with OJ, milk with honey, broth with beetroot, ricotta with stewed apple, gelatin in fruity smoothies, etc.  And the amount of carbs should always outweigh proteins


It’s time to change your thinking about (natural) sugar and weight loss.    Eat to support your metabolism, for energy, for health, for hormonal balance.   Yes Cheese and Fruit make a great place to start.   If you want help working out how it all goes together I have done the work and created a series of Pro-Metabolic Meal Plan Programs


Cheese and fruit is a staple in all of my Pro-Metabolic Meal Plan programs.

These are the meal plans that my PRO athlete’s diet on and you too can increase thyroid hormone conversion, metabolism to increase fat burning.

These plans are based upon the research of Dr Ray Peat and other endocrinologists and are based upon delicious food that deliver optimal health, hormonal balance and achieve faster fat burning due a healthy metabolic rate.

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