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I’ve been speaking to a lot of women and men lately who’ve struggled big time to look and feel great.

If you’re the same, then NOW is the time to think about how to achieve results once and for all.

There is nothing worse than trying so hard, and not looking fantastic …trust me…. I know.

So the question is, what’s the right plan?

With the right plan, you become the leanest and heathiest you’ve ever been…and you can make 2019 your best year yet. .

But, with the wrong plan, it could lead to another repeat of the same dismal results.

If you are stuck, then let me tell you about my Boost and Shred Pro-Metabolic meal plans that have helped hundreds.

Over the past 7 years I’ve been researching, consulting, teaching and coaching women and men around the world how to increase their metabolisms, balance hormones, create amazing heath and energy, burn fat and look great– just like I have.

Everybody has their own unique metabolic rate and hormonal balance and with the right nutrition it can be boosted to help  increase fat burning and health.

I want to help you increase yours and show you the strategies I use to create a great looking and healthy body J.

I’ve recently released the Pro-Metabolic Boost and Shred meal plans which reveals exactly how to do this.

Its not magic.

It is not a silver bullet solution..

However its proven..

It works time and time again.

Its set out in easy to follow weekly meal plans.

And I’ve provided a step-by-step guide on exactly what unique nutrients to eat and how.

It’s worked for hundreds of my clients.

It can work for you too.

Its going to show you….

  • “The fastest way to slash kilos”
  • How to increase metabolism within the next 14 days with this unique nutrition system, whilst eating MORE food.
  • Increased energy.
  • A flat stomach.
  • Great digestion.
  • Improved body composition.
  • Quality sleep.
  • A greater looking body.
  • Improved hormonal balance.


  • Different nutrition plans EVERY week.
  • A schedule of what to eat and do week by week.
  • A variety of calorie ranges to start from.
  • Two different options for each meal.
  • Detailed educational manual about Pro-Metabolic nutrition.
  • Information about how hormones impact body composition.
  • Progress sheet to record weekly results.
  • Table of alternative food swaps if necessary.

The Truth about why the food you select TODAY will effect your long term success.  Get this wrong and you will forever be stuck.

How to escape the low calorie, low carbohydrate approach and replace it with more food, balanced food, and nourishing and delicious food – and look your best yet.

That you can eat fruit, cheese, quality chocolate, ice-cream, potato with butter, sour dough and eggs, orange juice and much more and create that great looking healthy body.  This is how I eat to get into remarkable shape for international shows. 

Understand that for effortless results a fast metabolism and a hormonally balanced body is key.

I also outline the science and research behind a Pro-thyroid approach.

And If that wasn’t enough, when you get the 12-week boost and shred Pro-Metabolic meal plan program, for only $29.95 you can upgrade to the complete package and get 2 of my eBooks, and 3 training plans.  Great value. 

The 12 week Boost and Shred meal plans are the exact meal-by-meal plans I use.  It’s taken from my most successful clients and are the exact same meals my team and I use to create great results.

So as you can see, this program isn’t just another chicken and broccoli, cut carbs fitness industry nutrition plan, full of promises. 

It’s packed is packed with practical meal plans and valuable information on how you can achieve lasting success   Improving metabolism and hormone whist dropping kilos

And you can start using the strategies and eating the meals Ive outlined as soon as its purchased and downloaded.


And, the truth is, if you were to have asked me to coach you and give you the meal plans in this program, I would have charged you $1200 for 12 weeks – an initial consultation fee and weekly meal updates.

But as all the information is received in one download, I’m reducing this substantially.

For a limited time I’m giving the 12 week boost and shred meal plans away for a super affordable $14 per week. 

This is a sale price as I have just launched them and I am keen for as many to experience this and I hope you continue to read my blogs and my research.   

Anyway, the boost and shred meal plan is not going to be on sale forever – this research and these unique meal plans are my livelihood.

I have spent the last year writing these meal plans from my research and coaching.

I want you to see how good they can make you feel and look.

You see, I hoping you’ll invest in the meal pans and be so blown away by the results you’ll want to continue to follow me, my blogs and my other programs

If you want to grab at this amazing price before it goes up, head on over to this link now:

You are going to love it. J

Cheryl and Blair.

PS if not sure which plan to get, send me a PM or email. I am more than happy to help out with recommendations.

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