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Optimal health favours a fast metabolism

Effortless fat loss favours a fast metabolism

A slow, sluggish metabolism is a frustrating, miserable experience

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

In fact, when your metabolism is healthy, fat loss is easy.

Nutrition science has come a long way in the last decade.

Apart from years of experience we now also have research to guide us exactly how to eat to improve metabolism, fat burning and our health.



  1. It’s a struggle to lose weight – despite diet and exercise
  2. You put on weight easily
  3. You put on weight after eating carbs
  4. You are eating less than 2000 cals a day and still cant budge stubborn fat
  5. You don’t get hungry
  6. Constantly tired, easily fatigued
  7. Your pulse is below 60 bpm
  8. Your waking temperature is lower than 36.0 c
  9. Your temperature after lunch does not increase
  10. Cold hands, feet and nose
  11. Constipation or irregular bowel movements
  12. Dry skin and / or dandruff
  13. You wake in the night to urinate
  14. You urinate more regularly than every 4 hours throughout the day
  15. Low libido and low sex drive
  16. PMS and menstrual issues (heavy, irregular, painful periods)
  17. Suffer from bloating and digestive issues
  18. Food intolerances
  19. You experience food cravings
  20. You overeat, undereat, binge eat
  21. You often feel anxious or irritable
  22. Fertility and reproductive issues
  23. Frustrating cellulite
  24. Thinning of hair (head and eyebrows)
  25. Skin issues (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema)
  26. Poor blood sugar handling issues
  27. No / poor results from weight training
  28. Poor sleep – night wakings, insomnia, hard to fall asleep
  29. Get stressed out easily
  30. Feel sad, moody, low, blah, unmotivated – a lot
  31. You wake but want to go back to sleep
  32. Poor immune function – get sick easily
  33. Sore joints / muscle pain – poor recovery from training
  34. Hormonal imbalance
  35. Inflammation



If you want hep with a nutrition plan (that includes lifestyle strategies) to improve thyroid gland functioning and metabolic rate – then check out my Pro-Metabolic Nutrition Meal Plan programs


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