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 Optimal health is synonymous with a high metabolic rate

and it is now well known that fat loss ALWAYS favours a fast metabolism.

So… do you know if your metabolism is fast, healthy and efficient?   Check out this list.


  1. Easy to maintain weight without exercise
  2. Accelerated fat loss when in a slight calorie deficit
  3. Able to consume carbs, dairy, fruits without weight gain
  4. Women minimum 2000cals & men 3500cals without weight gain
  5. You feel hungry after 2-4 hours of eating
  6. Pulse rate of 75-90 beats per minute.
  7. Body temperatures of approx 36.6c upon waking,
  8. Body temperature of approx. 37.0c at midday or 30 minutes post eating.
  9. Warm hands, feet and nose all day.
  10. 1-3 bowel movements each day.
  11. Urinating 4-5 times per day.
  12. Not waking in the night to urinate
  13. Achieve muscle growth and strength from weight training
  14. Efficient recovery from training
  15. Healthy sex drive and libido,
  16. No PMS,
  17. Good fertility and reproductive health
  18. Shiny hair, healthy skin and strong nails.
  19. 7-9hrs of deep uninterrupted sleep every night.
  20. Happy and content mood all day.
  21. No symptoms of anxiety
  22. Constant vibrant energy all day
  23. Wake feeling refreshed
  24. No food cravings
  25. No bloating, gas
  26. Good digestion
  27. Healthy immune function
  28. Hormonal balance
  29. Feeling calm and not easily stressed
  30. Blood pressure healthy


If you want help with a nutrition plan that will improve thyroid gland functioning and increase metabolism – then check out my Pro-Metabolic meal plan programs.

12 Week Metabolic Thrive Meal Plan

Optimal health is synonymous with a healthy metabolism.

Fast fat burning is synonymous with a healthy metabolism

A healthy metabolism is something we all should strive for.


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