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Losing weight can be really overwhelming.  I know, I’ve spent 17 years dropping weight to compete, and until I discovered Pro-Metabolic nutrition it was frustrating, disheartening, exhausting and really really hard.  

I’ve been coaching people to lose weight for 15 years.  The human body and spirit never cease to amaze me.  People and experience are far greater teachers than textbooks.

Today I share part 2  my series about what I’ve learnt about weight loss.


One of the most fundamental things I’ve learnt about weight loss is the importance of eating, living, sleeping, thinking, training to INCREASE metabolic rate.  

Quite simply, fat loss favours a fast metabolism.    Every single time.

A slow metabolism is a miserable and frustrating experience.  Fat loss stalls, energy plummets, hormones go crazy, cravings become uncontrollable and even sleep becomes a struggle. Challenges also arise as belly fat increases, energy dives, you feel flat, lack focus, everything is slow, your body feels cold and stomach bloating is problematic and even cellulite becomes worse.

As a coach, over the years I have seen too many dieters destroying their metabolism, health, wreaking havoc with their hormones and then NOT being able to lose any weight at all.   It does not need to be this way.   

My Pro-Metabolic meal plans are based on actual research to improve metabolism to achieve greater weight loss.

A Pro-Metabolic nutrition plan aims to increase thyroid gland functioning. This results in an increased metabolic rate, increased protein uptake and more efficient fat burning.

A healthy body with a fast metabolism will lose fat effortlessly. It is so worthwhile to invest the time to improve metabolism.

If you want to learn more about how to improve metabolic rate for faster, easier, healthier fat burning have a browse of my blogs or read about my meal plans.


Hormones play a far greater role in how the body stores or burns fat than calories do.  Your hormonal profile can either be a nightmare or heavenly bliss.

Ensuring estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, insulin, thyroid etc are balanced is a fundamental essential for weight loss.  Otherwise quite simply you risk exhaustion, metabolic damage, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, and sadly you then quickly gain body fat.  

Recent research from Dr. Sylvia Tara (PHD) from the University of California has concluded the following interesting findings on estrogen and fat storage as published in her book “the secret life of fat”.

  • Estrogen promotes fat storage around the hips and thighs.
  • Women store fat more readily than men…gender affects not only how much fat have but also where the fat is distributed.
  • Estrogen causes the preferential storage of fat to the thighs and butts, whereas testosterone sends it to the belly.
  • The effects of sex hormones on fat are so powerful that when men are given estrogen they gain body-fat overall even though their calorie range stays the same. Not only do they gain fat but also they gain it disproportionally in the thighs and buttocks.  The same is true in reverse.  When women are given androgens like testosterone, they lose fat in their hips and thighs and gain fat in their bellies.

Estrogen dominance can be an insidious, frustrating and a real issue for most women who are trying to get lean and can be a major issue impacting weight loss.  

My hormonal balancing meal plans give some fascinating insight into how you can eat to achieve hormonal balance and faster, healthier fat loss.


I see too many people start a new program and go hell for leather, then burn out.   Fitness and health is meant to be sustainable and for our happiness and wellbeing, not something that breaks us.

I’ve learnt that for weight loss, it is more important to think about what you can realistically do regularly, then set yourself up to succeed not to fail.    

Your nutrition and your training – needs to be SUSTAINABLE.

You see when motivation wears off, which it invariably always does the person who succeeds at it, is the one who has been CONSISTENT.  Consistent with nutrition, training, sleep and routines.


You have to eat to lose weight.   Period.   Your body needs fuel.  You do not need a starvation campaign to lose weight.  It may work for a few days, but boom, then in wont.

You see, when you eat a low calorie, nutrient deficient diet you are telling your metabolism to SLLLLLOOWWW down.  You put your body in a state of starvation and deprivation and it wants to conserve every bit of energy you give it. Your body is smart, when you starve it, it begins to stop or slow down certain systems to conserve energy. These systems include your immune system, hormonal system, detox system, digestive system, nervous system, and the muscular and skeletal systems. All the systems in your body are effected when you deprive them of energy and nutrients.

Once your body learns to use less energy and decreases the amount of energy utlised, you get sick easier and more often, your libido decreases, your digestion slows down, you become constipated, your reflexes are slower, you lose muscle tone, bone development and your body has a hard time removing toxins. In addition a damaged metabolism leads to lower body temperature, decreased energy, poor sleep, weight gain, hormone imbalances, dry skin, forgetfulness, and a slew of other symptoms.

METABOLIC SLOWING HAPPENS WITH CONSTANT DIETING. Every time you “diet” and deprive yourself of energy and nutrients, your metabolism gets damaged. Yes, every time!

Eating the RIGHT food, in the RIGHT combinations to INCREASE metabolic rate so that your body does NOT slow down is ESSENTIAL for long term weight loss.

Pro-Metabolic nutrition is about eating MORE of the RIGHT food to improve metabolic rate

Support fat loss, not force it.


I’ve seen high carb, low fat, Atkins, Ornish, Carnivore, Paleo, Keto, grapefruit, shakes, and many other elimination and/or weight loss diets. I’ve heard that eggs were bad, then they were good, eat low fat, no eat fat.  

Fad diets may work for a little while but they come at a cost to health, metabolism and all too often I see rebound weight gain from fad or imbalanced diets.

Unfortunately the fitness industry would have us cutting carbs, cutting fruit, not eating diary or even a balanced diet to lose weight.  Our body needs the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that come from a balanced diet.

Sure it’s important to look at new research as it emerges. But those who achieve long term success eat a balanced diet, of whole foods, maintain a good relationship with food, cut out alcohol processed food and aware of portion sizes.  Simple.  Balanced.   It was never meant to be complicated.


AS the new year begins im offering 2 weeks free email support and 3 free training plans to anyone who wants to JOIN ME and lose weight.  Just purchase a balanced, nourishing, healthy pro-metabolic meal plan and ill be in touch to support you and help you nail your weight loss plans.

PM me any questions

Id love to hear from you


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