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This blog will COVER NUTRITION, NUTRITIONAL STRATEGIES AND THE HORMONAL MESSAGES THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO A PRO-METABOLIC APPROACH. An approach that will help you burn fat, improve metabolic rate and balance hormonal issues

Procomp is in the business of effortlessly creating great looking lean bodies that have fast metabolisms and are hormonally balanced.  We have developed a unique Pro-Metabolic nutritional system that has been developed after 20 years coaching experience and draws upon the research of endocrinologist, Dr Ray Peat. Dr Peat has extensively studied and researched human hormonal systems.

Provided in this blog are the simple points describing ProComp’s essential framework.  This is like no other fitness diet.  Our focus is to improve hormones and metabolism making a great body and fat loss easy to achieve. This plan focuses on support and nourishment not starvation or deprivation …jump to our success stories.  The results speak for themselves.

SO……SOME OF THE MAIN NUTRITIONAL MESSAGES. Yes, quite opposite to what the fitness industry promotes.

  • Avoid PUFA’s. PUFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils, grains, legume mayonnaise, margarine, nuts, seeds, processed food – they will slow down metabolism and lead to degeneration. 
  • Consume saturated fats such as coconut oil and butter.  Coconut oil increases metabolism and energy production. 
  • Simple carbs from natural sugar are the preferred carb source.  Simple carbs are better for digestion and increasing metabolism. Our recommendation is to eat more ripe tropical fruit, raw honey and pulp free orange juice.  Eat quality natural ice cream or chocolate is considered a good carb source.   Fruit or orange juice is the preferred carb source.  Our second choice is potatoes.
  • Quality protein is necessary for liver health.   Milk, egg, shellfish and gelatin are the preferred source.  ‘These are great protein sources – non inflammatory and pro-thyroid.’
  • Muscle meat is not preferred as the amino acid balance can be balanced out with gelatin.
  • Liver twice a month is recommended for B vitamins. 
  • Salt all meals. A lack of salt slows down the metabolism, promotes inflammation, stress and degeneration (
  • Enjoy coffee.  Coffee is protective against diabetes.  It is high in niacin and magnesium and antioxidants it is a great thermogenic and great for helping thyroid and progesterone hormone production.  It protects against thyroid hormone production and raised the amount of progesterone in the blood
  • Gelatin contains lots of glycine and protects proteins against cell damage.  We also recommend consuming it at the same time as muscle meat to prevent an increase in cortisol and the down-regulation of metabolism.
  • Raw carrots, bean shoot and mushrooms help to reduce the absorption of excess estrogen.
  • A lack of vitamin D and or calcium, can lead to an increase of the parathyroid stress hormone that promotes inflammation, reduces metabolism and is linked to diabetes.

THE MAIN HORMONAL MESSAGES – yes hormones control whether fat is stored or lost

  • Too much estrogen is not a good thing.  It can increase cellulite, and make haft on hips and butts very hard to budge.  The ProComp meal plans all use nutritional strategies to reduce excess estrogen.
  • Excess estrogen can block the thyroid hormone conversion.  This is known as hypothyroidism and causes a lack of progesterone. Estrogen can make the adrenals produce more cortisol this often brings fat burning to a halt.
  • Stress of any kind will increase cortisol, inflammation, estrogen and reduce thyroid functioning.  As coaches we have a very difficult time helping someone whose life is full of stress get lean.
  • When metabolism is slow the body often produces more adrenaline and results in a fast pulse, waking up in the night and nightmares. This is known as low thyroid functioning and conversion or hypothyroidism.
  • The amount of simple sugars in glucose in the liver regulates the enzyme that converts T4 to T3.  The more T3, the faster metabolism becomes.  Simple sugars are essential to faster fat loss.  When fasting or eating low carb, cortisol is released to mobilise glucose and this is a stressful process for the body.  This slows down fat burning.
  • Exhausting or excessive aerobic exercise stops the T3 production.  This halts fat loss.
  • When metabolism or fat loss is slow, it can lead to a reduced absorption of magnesium, sodium and copper and a reduced protein synthesis. If salt cravings occurs, salt is very helpful to raise body temperature and lower aldosterone.



  • Plants (above ground vegetables) contain a number of toxins to defend themselves against being eaten. Fruit has minimal toxins. Root vegetables contain some toxins against microorganisms but not much, as they are protected under the earth.   ProComp only encourages well-cooked zucchini, squash, and mushrooms…if and only if desired. (
  • The basis of Pro-Metabolic food is from fruit and quality protein.
  • Blood sugar levels are essential for optional energy and fat burring.  Protein should not be eaten on it’s own as it can lower blood sugar. It should always be combined with fruit.  You should not eat carbs by themselves, as they will raise blood sugar levels. All carbs should be combined with a fat or protein.
  • Oxidative stress and cell damage are a consequence when sugar is not metabolised in the right way. Too many PUFAs interfere with this.


  • A diet rich in natural simple sugars such as ripe fruit raw honey, pulp free orange juice, AND free from PUFAs, leads to a high metabolism and faster healthier fat burning. 
  • Starches are more likely to lead to weight gain.
  • The amount of produced T3 depends on the amount of sugar consumed.  T3 or thyroid hormone protects the heart by supporting the glucose-oxidation.  Sugar is essential for thyroid hormone production. If the liver does not have a constant supply of glycogen from sugars, it is unable to convert T4 to T3 that is necessary metabolism.  Sugars drive metabolism.  
  • Natural sugars are easy to digest so reduces bloating or digestive issues.
  • Natural sugars are simple carbs therefore provide a great energy source.


  • Many years ago Dr E Kulz experimented on diabetics using a diet consisting of sugar, protein and no fats.  It leads to a remarkable increase in health.  They discovered that diabetics can assimilate fructose contained in fruit and honey much better than glucose, and the treatment of diabetes with fructose can be more successful.   The experiment of fat-free diet (consisting of sugar and protein) led to an improvement of health. It is worthwhile noting that PUFAs interacting with the glucose metabolism.  These same experimenter gave sugar to a diabetes patient (225g) note people with diabetes lose a opt of sugar in their urine.  She got significantly better.
  • Rats on a starch-based diet with lack of vitamin d had a lack of calcium in the blood and bones. Rats on a sucrose-diet with lack of vitamin d had no loss of calcium in the blood or bones.
  • Excess Estrogen and Stress can cause diabetes symptoms.  They also hinder the glucose oxidation and increase the fat oxidation that leads to fat storage. Stress has been linked to causing diabetes. Estrogen increases the free fatty acids and decreases the glycogen store.
  • Polyunsaturated Fats hinders sugars ability to get into cells. If you eat bigger amounts of sugars with PUFA’s, the fat oxidation is suppressed.  This means that little fat is released from the fat depots and less free fatty acids are in the blood and causes fat storage.  



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